Why Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3 Makes Sense

May 15th is right around the corner, and everyone expects Sony to announce the impending release of Gran Turismo 6. Everything so far has been pointing towards the fact that it would be a PS3 release and not the PS4. But does it all make sense?

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ltachiUchiha1868d ago

Its understandable because of the ps3 userbase but it would also be a strong launch title for ps4 but with Drive Club being a 1st party game & launch for ps4 sony doesnt want to hurt Drive Club sales if GT6 were to be a ps4 launch title aswell. Definitely makes alot of sense.

HyperBear1868d ago

Yeah I agree. I'm also thinking that GT6 will have a version for the Vita as well, and a possible chance of being cross-play/cross-buy. Buy the PS3 version of GT6 and get GT Vita as a free download.

However, given the fact Drive Club is launching with the PS4 this year, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony releases a GT6 Game-of-the-Year or GT6 Enhanced edition for PS4 in Fall 2014, or sometime after PS4 & Drive Club launch.

decrypt1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Well its a clever move on Sony's part. Keep GT6 to PS3 for now. PS4 has no BC, so release the game again on PS4 at a later date make money on the game all over again.

GT6 is the sort of game people would like to have many hours into. After PS4 releases it will be troublesome for people to be switching back and forth between consoles. Hence releasing GT6 on PS3 first making money, then again releasing it later for the PS4 makes perfect business sense.

MikeMyers1868d ago

It does make sense to have it on the PS3. You're pretty much guaranteed at least 5 million sales, if not double that or even more. They also want to take their time on the new hardware and with Drive Club coming 2 is a crowd. Why smother a new ip like that? You also want to build some hype for the PS4 with huge titles in years to come. This is probably their biggest exclusive.

I would love to see it on the PS4 as a launch game but I tend to agree, it makes more sense on the PS3 right now.

InTheZoneAC1868d ago

If gt6 comes out before drive club, regardless of what system gt6 comes out on, I'm not buying drive club. It's as simple as that.

aquamala1868d ago

and why wouldn't GT6 on PS3 hurt Drive Club PS4 sales?

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jc485731868d ago

well, I just want Polyphony to get it right on the ps3 this time.

Salooh1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

What is wrong with gt5?. Have you played it with the updates ?. It's perfect for car fans. It could be used for training virtually before train in real life. My brother and i only took us 4 hours to get the license in real life because of GT while others required 20 hours and sometimes they reach more then 30 hours lol. It achieved what was planned for it nothing more nothing less..

You don't like it then it's your fault for expecting too much from this hardware. They definitely got it right on ps3. I can't imagine big improvements for gt6 on ps3 so if you didn't like gt5 then this would be gt5.5 for you if it released on ps3..

WickedLester1868d ago

The game is overly "clinical" and tedious to play. That's a start. Does not have proper car damage. Does not have very good A.I. Does not offer much in terms of customization. Tracks by and large are not very interesting. Too much unbalance between premium and standard cars.

Salooh1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

You blame them for AI when most of the games have stupid AI ?. The AI is as good as the other racing games if not better. AI need new tech and these tech are not available for the ps3. So blame the ps3 on that not the developers.

GT never cared about car damage. It's a new feature for them that didn't come in release date, you should have looked at it like a demo.

I agree on lack of customization but you have to give them the credit of making the foundation. They just needed to add more but instead they fixed most of the problems it had and moved on to make gt6. So it's obvious that we will have huge customization in gt6..

What do you want them to do with the tracks?. They try to put as much as possible. They are making detailed tracks from real life and that's not an easy jop. You don't like the tracks then it's on you..

premium cars supposed to be for next generation so you should be greatful for having them not blaming them (prove):

You focus toooo much on bad stuff but you ignore the things that make GT5 shine. To me the positive are more then negative and that's why i enjoyed gt5.

Advice. Don't expect anything especially if gt6 coming to the ps3 or you will hate it even more. These things are few reasons why GT6 shouldn't come to the ps3 but people don't listen. They will be wrong again..

Salooh1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

You can't wait less then 2 days instead of writing this bullshits that don't have a prove or just look at one side -.-.

VonBraunschweigg1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

No it doesn't make sense. Yes PS3 has the userbase and they're all trying to make money, but this is not some 3rd party multiplatform developer, it's a gamestudio that only makes one game, for one platform, for 15 years and counting. Not your average relationship.
So I expect (or hope) Sony and PD will surprise us with GT6 for PS4 only, and it will look goood, and sell PlayStations and GT games for years to come. Now that makes sense (I hope:)

WickedLester1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I agree. I honestly just don't see the point. Polyphony cannot possibly push the PS3 hardware any further than it's been pushed already. What exactly could GT6 possibly offer gamers that they don't already have in GT5? Any improvements or changes should be saved for PS4 hardware.

dataznkidd1868d ago

I highly doubt that PD would release Gt6 on Ps4. They have been working on that game since 2010. Think about it. All that time making the game and all of a sudden you think they would switch it to the Ps4 interface? Its not easy to simply just switch like that. Switching would waste 3 years worth of time working on the game itself. If they release it this year (say this fall maybe) more people will have the Ps3 than the Ps4. Marketing and time reasons come into play. But will see in 2 days. If Gt6 is on Ps4, i would still scrap enough cash just to play it.

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