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This Might Be The Prettiest PS4 Concept Design Out There

"When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 back in February, two major points of contention involved the price and the look of the console. Heck, Major Nelson even ribbed Sony slightly by saying that’s certainly one way to announce a console (so we’re fairly sure that means Microsoft will show what its next gen console looks like)." (PS4)

FrigidDARKNESS  +   661d ago
The desigb looks to laid back and bland.
abzdine  +   661d ago
i think this concept looks ugly! looks like a book to me! Very easy to do better and even Wii looks better
solidt12  +   661d ago
It looks like the PS2 and PS3 had a baby.
SonyPS4  +   661d ago
Looks kind of like a cable box.
FamilyGuy  +   660d ago
That faked video version (with the face button eyes) looks ten time better than this. Sony usually goes for style so I doubt it'll look anything like this crap.

Functionality and reliability are obviously the most important but Sony tends to go for all aspects in their hardware.

*patiently waiting for E3*
CRAIG667  +   661d ago
Such a boring design I almost fell asleep looking at it, I am 100% sure SONY will do better than this...
gedapeleda  +   661d ago
Yeah they will do better, but looking at current xperia phones the ps3 could be edgy.
badkolo  +   661d ago
boring and bland
PeaSFor  +   661d ago
this, and way too rectangular.

curves lines and smooth edges are better than straight parallel lines and boring 90deg angles (imo).
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Evil_Ryu  +   661d ago
SirBradders  +   661d ago
As long as it plays games and its small i couldn't care what it looks like.
Arai  +   661d ago
DS4 and Move controller doesn't match the concept or vice versa.

Less than 30 days and we'll see what it looks like, hope it's at least pleasant to the eye.
steve30x  +   661d ago
I dont care what it looks like once there is enough ventillation and space for the air flow in it so that it wont overheat. Some of you prefer pretty over functionality. Thats the wrong way to think.
coolmast3r  +   661d ago
Dude, you forgot to add that it was your personal opinion.
steve30x  +   661d ago
Its more than my personal opinion. Its the truth. People want a slim console that looks nice but forget that the hardware needs toi be kept cool and that cant happen with a slimmed down console that has restrictive airflow.

In all honesty all the people who disagreed will complain if the console overheats because its not got enough cooling.
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jcnba28  +   661d ago
This design is very boring.
coolmast3r  +   661d ago
i don't like it. it just hasn't got much kick to it. ps2 and ps3 have it though.
e3 can't come soon enough...i'd like to see what sony's new console will look like.
NeoTribe  +   661d ago
Dont really care if it looks boring. Its a damn box that plays games. Wtf do you want. Long as it plays games and lives up to sonys standards i can care less. I dont want it to look like alienware made it. We dont need space age lookin bs with motarized vents and flashy lights. Just a black box is fine with me. Once its put in place ill hardly look at it anway. It will sit side by side with my "boring looking boxy computer", below my boring boxy led tv.
goldwyncq  +   661d ago
I do care about how the box will look like, but not to the extent that I won't buy the thing if the design doesn't live up to my expectations. As a next gen console, I want it to be the best looking one to date and I'm sure Sony won't disappoint.
1nsomniac  +   661d ago
No. Just No. That thing is fugly! Utter shite!
ooquis  +   661d ago
Premature ejaculation.
tigertron  +   661d ago
It looks like an old VCR player.
Studio-YaMi  +   661d ago
Exactly what I thought when I first looked at it ! xD
kaozgamer  +   661d ago
looks like the ps2 slim
badz149  +   661d ago
just like how the iPad was compared to iPhone.

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sackboyhappy  +   661d ago
it looks like a blu-ray player or a set top box

The Prettiest PS4 Concept Design Out There? nope :P
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   661d ago
from neogaf again
KillrateOmega  +   661d ago
I Don't Care What It Looks Like
As long it has great air flow and functionality, then I couldn't care less about its aesthetic value.

Not to say that aesthetic value is unimportant to people overall, but for me it doesn't matter. After all, I'm going to be looking at my screen when gaming, not the PS4 itself.
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MasterofMagnetism  +   661d ago
I don't care what it looks like, will buy it day 1.
UnHoly_One  +   660d ago

It could be the size of a first generation VCR from the 80's and colored to look like Tie Dye and I'm still going to buy one. lol
talocaca  +   661d ago
I think all previous PlayStation consoles have been innovative and somewhat polemic. I expect nothing less of the PS4.

As long as the latest PS3 designer is not involved :s I really hate the spring loaded sliding door.
Nyromith  +   660d ago
I'd like it traditional and minimalistic. And not glossy! Gloss looks good out of the box, but it becomes a dust and fingerprint magnet very quickly.
ziggurcat  +   660d ago
i've said this before:

people need to stop making concept designs because they're all awful.
ArtificiallyYours  +   660d ago
A lot of the attempts to be funny with designs, aren't remotely humorous.
waltyftm  +   660d ago
It looks horrible, like some kind of ps2/ps3 inbred retarded cousin.
THE-COMMANDER  +   660d ago
How in the world this is the Prettiest Concept Design??!
tklstar777  +   660d ago
Very ugly design , I'm sure the people at SONY could do much better . It will probably compliment a lot of the
current designs of modern tablets and other devices . SONY also wants the PS4 to talk to these other platforms as they mentioned in there sales pitch back in February .
Godmars290  +   660d ago
Would say as long as it has three USB ports - two front one back - it would be fine, but then the last time I said that the next mock up I saw was fugly.

This one looks like a mash up of a 360 and PS2 skinny.
jensen86  +   660d ago
tbh im hoping for better but i could live with that and it could b worse
arbitor365  +   660d ago
looks too much like a PS3. it should stand out more
RedSoakedSponge  +   660d ago
what?! it looks nothing like a ps3 lmao
ArtificiallyYours  +   660d ago
I hope we get something as cool as the PS2's aesthetics, of course with proper air circulation too.
RedSoakedSponge  +   660d ago
so basically, this design means nothing since it isnt coming from sony?

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