This Might Be The Prettiest PS4 Concept Design Out There

"When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 back in February, two major points of contention involved the price and the look of the console. Heck, Major Nelson even ribbed Sony slightly by saying that’s certainly one way to announce a console (so we’re fairly sure that means Microsoft will show what its next gen console looks like)."

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FrigidDARKNESS1621d ago

The desigb looks to laid back and bland.

abzdine1621d ago

i think this concept looks ugly! looks like a book to me! Very easy to do better and even Wii looks better

solidt121621d ago

It looks like the PS2 and PS3 had a baby.

SonyPS41621d ago

Looks kind of like a cable box.

FamilyGuy1621d ago

That faked video version (with the face button eyes) looks ten time better than this. Sony usually goes for style so I doubt it'll look anything like this crap.

Functionality and reliability are obviously the most important but Sony tends to go for all aspects in their hardware.

*patiently waiting for E3*

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CRAIG6671621d ago

Such a boring design I almost fell asleep looking at it, I am 100% sure SONY will do better than this...

gedapeleda1621d ago

Yeah they will do better, but looking at current xperia phones the ps3 could be edgy.

PeaSFor1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

this, and way too rectangular.

curves lines and smooth edges are better than straight parallel lines and boring 90deg angles (imo).

SirBradders1621d ago

As long as it plays games and its small i couldn't care what it looks like.

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The story is too old to be commented.