Remember Me gameplay video: watch Nilin kick ass here

Remember Me, the upcoming mind and memory bender from Dontnod Entertainment,has you kicking and punching your way through several enemies across its lengthy campaign. got exclusive access to an early preview build, so we’ve captured some ass-kicking gameplay to keep you excited until it launches in June.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1675d ago

The game looks just idk something about it I don't like.

jc485731675d ago

visually it looks alright, but the way the combos are executed seem to lack flow. I am actually comparing this with Arkham.

isarai1675d ago

Well seeing as how you create your own combos the level of flow is up to you though you you may sacrifice functionality in the process

Blacklash931675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It's a shame. The game has a lot of good ideas and it shows, but it looks noticably rough around the edges.

Not that it looks horrible or anthing, though. Just not as polished as it should be. I hope it ends up at least decent. We need more original, quality IPs.

sorceror1711675d ago

Well, it *does* say "early preview build"...

CJDUNCAN1675d ago

I applaud the effort of an original IP, but this one may need to be pushed back some and worked on. The gameplay looks like standard beat'em up button mashing, that boss fight was boring. The more they show the more it gives me pause for the moment about my preorder of it.

LAWSON721675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It needs delayed and actually make a kickass trailer and add some hype.
If i asked any of my friends who play games what remember me was they would say I saw you yesterday.

vishmarx1675d ago

combos look so disconnected

1nsomniac1675d ago

Wow cant believe I was looking forward to this game...

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