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Square Enix Posts 13.7 billion Yen loss, games income falls yoy by 99.7%

It looks like Square Enix isn’t doing too well financially. (Industry, Square Enix)

ErcsYou  +   623d ago
It must be hard to build games for gamers who tell you exactly what they want.. Cough,cough.(FF7 Remake/sequel) Cough, cough.
DA_SHREDDER  +   623d ago
Or what they don't want.. cough, cough, FF13 (with its non FF combat elements and the abomination they call a story line in FF13.

Hold up, if this is true, then I wanna do exactly what i been planning to do when or if I ever heard news like this. It goes like this. Bwahahahahahahahaha!
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Winter47th  +   623d ago
I don't feel sorry for SquareEnix.
Pyrrhus  +   623d ago
My biggest fear is that their E3 reveal will be all about Lightning returns and that it will be playable on PS4.

If we dont get news on Versus, I dunno what Im going to do.
badz149  +   623d ago
no wonder Wada was fired
it's really really bad. how the hell could he think that all people want is more of Lightning? stupid Wada never gets it!
abzdine  +   623d ago
i am happy this is happening to them! they turned their back to the loyal fans and followed the $$ instead and this is the result of all of it.

Now if SE need to recover they will have to go through hard times trying to earn fans trust by delivering what WE are expecting (VersusXIII date soon and a KH on home consoles). E3 will be a starting point they promised to reveal they next thing on PS4.
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gaffyh  +   623d ago
@Pyrrhus - Oh crap, I didn't even consider that. I hope to God they don't do that! Also 99.7% DAMN!!!
LAWSON72  +   623d ago
You people who want a masterpiece to be remade have problems. There is nothing wrong with the original. I played it the first time a year ago and the visuals are perfectly fine. It is nice you want devs to be uncreative and survive off of prior success.
aiBreeze  +   623d ago
I have to agree here, with how they are at the moment, I wouldn't want them touching FF7.. they'd taint it's otherwise near perfect memory.
papashango  +   623d ago
well guess what. FF7 remake is their get out of jail free card and with a massive loss like this...expect a next-gen announcement for it real soon.

They spent too much time on their engine this gen instead of putting their imagination to use. Versus is not its savior at the moment. It would have just been another disappointing title by SE.

I'm not at all for a FF7 remake. They shouldn't touch it. But with all the new blood at SE now...Maybe they should redo it. At least then they'd have a template for what made Square Soft so loved. Maybe then they'd learn something.

Also it's my opinion that a remake announcement pretty much means that SE has gone desperate and to expect layoff announcements shortly after.
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Kamikaze135  +   623d ago
People want a remake because SE is bound to add more content to an already good game and people are starting to doubt that SE can make a good single player FF game.
spartanlemur  +   623d ago
That's fine for you then - there's no need to play a remake. A remake of seven would serve three purposes though:
1: Bringing new, young fans to the series by recreating games which hooked us many years ago. Currently, all of square enix's customers seem to be nostalgic people like myself and probably you, which isn't really a sustainable model.
2: so that people who started later than FF7, like myself, can play it in a form which isn't visually offensive by modern standards (I started on FF9).
3: so Square Enix reconnects with what made their series so popular in the first place in hopes of carrying that rediscovered knowledge through to future productions.

Btw remakes don't just mean better graphics, but often an enhanced story, extra sidequests and a remastered score. Plus voice acting.
gaffyh  +   623d ago
I desperately want to play FF7, but I just can't do it, because I started on FF8, and it's not the same as playing an 8-bit FF, it's just terrible because the first impressions of the gfx in FF8 completely ruin FF7 for me. So I really want an FF7 remake, and I will hold off on playing until they do it.
Dasteru  +   623d ago
It isn't about surviving off prior success, it is about listening to the fans.

FFVII is only 1 game, making it wouldn't completely bring them back as a company but it would show a general willingness to listen to the fans and quit being stupid.

Case in point, FF XIII. If they were listening to the fans, XIII-2 & XIII-3 never would have been made, they would have accepted that the entire idea behind those games wasn't working and would have moved on to something new.

perhaps going back to the game mechanics that have been working for them for the last 25 years. Instead of messing with something that is as you said "Perfectly fine", they have been messing with the formula for far too long now and completely ignoring fan input, and it is now driving them deeply into the ground.

Nothing wrong with trying something new once in a while but learn to accept when it doesn't pan out.

They tried, they failed, they didn't learn. That is the problem.

Definition of insanity:
"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Albert Einstein.
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AsheXII  +   623d ago
Im more fed up of the cloud saga than the Lightning saga by this point. Just move on to something else.

If you only care for FFVII ten clearly you're not a FF fan.
Anarki  +   623d ago
They need to release games to actually make a profit
kreate  +   623d ago
They gave us

Which nobody asked for after 13
VileAndVicious  +   622d ago

Thats what Im saying!!!
There are so many franchises that square has in its backlog that would do so well, things that fans have been asking about for years (Im looking at you chrono trigger) and square continues to release garbage and make final fantasy tech demos. I just dont get it....
T2  +   622d ago
Ya like every great rpg for a while seemed like square ... Wtf happened guys your games got boring !
ltachiUchiha  +   623d ago
Maybe this will make them think about getting ff versus out faster.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   623d ago
I just want Versus to be the best it can possibly be.
ltachiUchiha  +   623d ago
I agree bro but its been too long lol. I still have this as one of my most anticipated games no matter how long we wait.
Kurisu  +   623d ago
It's the 7 year anniversary of the Versus announcement this year, the game is never going to live up to everybody's expectations. I'm holding out for it to be 'good' but I'm not expecting to be blown away by it.
Pyrrhus  +   623d ago
At least they have stated that next gen production times will be cut down (seriously hoping its true because the pace they release games is erring on the pathetic.)

Gimme FFv13 (as FF15) and Kingdom Hearts 3 and Ill be happy. I want that nostalgia back like when I replay their old scool games.
knifefight  +   623d ago
Well when you keep doing rush jobs on some projects (FFXIV) and taking your foot completely off the gas on other projects (FF Versus XIII) and making games nobody really wanted (Lightning's Creed), yeah, this kind of thing tends to happen. You don't have to be a CEO to realize this.
DragonKnight  +   623d ago
Gee I wonder why.

Look, get rid of Toriyama and his unending fetish with Lightning and games that are as linear as possible. That will be a start.
Knushwood Butt  +   623d ago
Kinda related, but I was in a big arcade here in Japan at the weekend and was pretty surprised to see how many Square Enix cabs they had there.

Dunno how their arcade business is doing, but they seem to be pushing hard in that area.
NeoTribe  +   623d ago
O well, ff has turned into a chick flick anyway. For some reason i cant remember what other games they make.
TheHardware  +   623d ago
If the just promise not to make another 13/lightning spin off I'll be happy
Dmagic  +   623d ago
i bet they wont turn their backs on sony next gen....Bitches
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vishmarx  +   623d ago
not surprised at all.no new good games from japan+
nex gen development(new engine+games)+retartded fanboys asking for versus
Daver  +   623d ago
Good for them maybe it will wake them up. Everything they have made this generation is at best average or mediocre. All good things that had their name on it was under the name of Eidos Montreal and that's about it.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   623d ago
Serves them right for not listening to gamers, fans and customers. We didn't ask for FFXIII sequel and as hard headed as they are, they gave us FFXIII-2 and lightning returns soon. Its really mind boggling as to why they think we want this.
Run_bare  +   623d ago
I have a theory while they release FFXIII, XIII-2 and XIII-3

XIII considered by most as unlucky number, the counter the stigma (beliefs), they have to create 3 separate games of the same number. This is totally an Asian thing.

I don't really believe as much, but it has the same stigma around Friday XIII.
Run_bare  +   623d ago
Sorry, I meant to say WHY instead of WHILE.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   623d ago
Interesting theory. But I also have my own theory. They create this 3 games because FFvs13 is not ready yet. And while they have created an engine for FFXIII, why not use it to make a sequel right? so bottomline is, they think FFXIII trilogy will fill in the FF fix fans want while we wait for FFvs13. they want versus to be as best as possible final fantasy since FF10.
mirroredsakura  +   623d ago
I forgive them a lot for Tomb Raider. I haven't been interested in any Final Fantasy game for a while, but I am in love with the headlong thrills rush that is being the new (old) Lara Croft.
mydyingparadiselost  +   623d ago
What bothers me about this news is even though Squeenix has posted terrible losses it's only because of their console games. They're mobile department is apparently making money and THAT, at least in the case of their phone games, is where some of the worst business practices have been for them.
josephayal  +   623d ago
I want the old Square Enix back
HarvesterOSarow  +   623d ago
Square-Enix is a joke. They have many games to work on that would sell well that they will never get around too, and many games that are ALREADY out that need to be put on PSN/localize. You want to know why you are failing Square?

1) You suck now
2) Toriyama wants to force feed us Lightning
3) You'd rather make Crystal Defenders and release it 10 times then put FF Type 0 on PSN as a digital download.
4) You let Uematsu leave because you followed Wada in to the pooper.
5) Your development times are hella long and no one wants to wait 8 years to play a mediocre game.
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Run_bare  +   623d ago
Square need to release the following asap; as one way to redeem themselves :). I know the following will make money, might not help them fully but those title will be profitable, I hope.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (or could be FF XV)
Final Fantasy Type 0 outside Japan (Australia please)
KrimsonKody  +   623d ago
They need to just get the games that everyone wants out the door already.
Before no one cares anymore.
& that billion yen loss turns into bankruptcy, or someone buys them out.
Magnus  +   623d ago
Quit cock teasing FFVS13 and actually release it to the fans people will buy it. Yet SquareEnix release a sequal to FF13 that a majority of people do not want to play. Now there is another sequal return of Lightening yet no FFVS13. FF14 an MMO appears yet no FFVS13. Fans want a KH3 game SquarEnix cock teases that game as well. The pattern here is listen to the fans and give then what they want when they buy the game a part of that profit lins the SquareEnix bank account and their paychecks.
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Godmars290  +   623d ago
"It looks like Square Enix isn’t doing too well financially."
Because they can't recognize that they're doing horribly creatively. Need look at how they do stories, hire writers, and gameplay. Stop making it all about graphics and nostalgia.
MadMen  +   623d ago
This company has never recovered since the PS1 days to me.

After FF9 they lost their way, got to caught up in spending years on a game that netted very little profit.

They need some quick bucks FF7 remake would be a start to bring back your core that got you here.

c0nflikt  +   623d ago
I see how he could not want to rehash a game he didn't have creative power over, and want his own creation to flourish.

Saryk  +   623d ago
There are several companies that are showing losses, go figure!
Snookies12  +   623d ago
You can't die until you release Kingdom Hearts 3 dang it!! After that, go ahead. If you're still doing XIII games lol.

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