Resident Evil 6: The Series, Like Its Characters, Should Remain Dead.

The death throes of a gaming titan.

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gamerlive1802d ago

RE takes a licking and keeps on tickin.

Godmars2901801d ago

Not by that review score...

Harpers_Ferry1801d ago

Man, I knew buying a DeLorean from a man with crazy hair was a bad idea.

wishingW3L1801d ago

still got a 5/10 which is not a bad score, it's average.

NeXXXuS1801d ago

Oh god it's the giraffe again...

Tokyo_reject1801d ago

"like its characters"??? They didn't change the story line....stick to your day job, writing is not for you. Nether is article writing.

creHEARTive1801d ago

This is an opinion article. If you do not agree with the opinion that is fine but that is no excuse to insult someone for their writing. Let's have you submit some articles and then we can criticize and judge your opinion.

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