PSU Hands-On: Haze

PSU writes:

"Overall, for an unfinished product, Haze was an enjoyable experience. Going around blasting luminous people with the magnum was a great joy, although on the flipside, the rest of the experience felt like most other shooters out there. As it's not finished, some of these niggles may be ironed out, but either way, it'll be interesting to see how all this carries over into the multiplayer, especially as multiplayer tends to make or break a lot of FPS games."

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damnwrx3893d ago

Lost interest due to rapid release dates cancellations

wolfehound223892d ago

Although I am tired of the constant changes in release date as long as they work out all the bugs and the game turns out great I'm all for it. Just hope it does turn out good and not just another overhyped FPS. My bets are that it will be good. Its just bad timing with all the heavy hitters releasing around the same time.

Superiorrior3892d ago

Agreed, for one month it was literally another delayed announcement every week for that month.

snoop_dizzle3892d ago

i am still somewhat hesitant about this game, however i hope its really good.

skynidas3892d ago

I hope that this game will be good, the latest screenshots looked pretty good

RobotsAlive3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Still iffy about this game. though i think for alot of PS3 owners (like myself) its going to be cool to have an FPS this atleast considering i dont nkow when Kill Zone 2 will come out. its better than nothing.

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ohnoTheRancor3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

the magazines and sites spend over two years building and building so much hype on a game like this that the pendulum has now swung back to the "anti-hype" slant. this is either the result of them having nothing left to talk about on the game or hedging their over-hyped articles from months ago.

either way, this is easily the most anticipated game for me. online co-op campaign is biggest selling point on Haze.

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The story is too old to be commented.