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5 Things That Are Hard To Forgive Nintendo For

WC writes: The 80s and 90s are gone, and Nintendo has lost its stranglehold on the video game market. Ever since Sony unleashed the behemoth PlayStation and Microsoft elbowed its way into the market with the Xbox, Nintendo has found itself in a multi-front war of attrition. Personally, I used to love Nintendo. I liked that the company differentiated itself by encouraging creativity and innovation in a world that’s obsessed with efficiency and formulas.

However, Nintendo has recently deviated from that standard of excellence. Instead of creativity, they produce tepid re-imaginings of games that were successful years (or decades) in the past. Development of revolutionary innovations has given way to investment in gimmicks that add nothing to the video game experience. Nintendo has been squeezed by tradition on one side and progress on the other, leaving the company without an identity. They are not beyond help, but some choices have left fans scratching their heads. Here is a list of boneheaded decisions by the Big N, and why it’s difficult for fans to pledge their undying loyalty as they once did.

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angry fanboy articles like these infest the n4g community website = spam Also none of the points of the article are valid, as the author sounds confused and obviously upset at nintendo for no good reason inside the laws of their upgradeable business structure.
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heres more from the fanboy bake and shake article; "Fans of Nintendo don’t need any more hardware. They (I almost said “we”) are basically drowning in a sea of redundant platforms that only differ in a slight, superfluous way." (:
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fanboy rant pant: proof; from the article "Now the 3Ds has its own morbidly obese cousin, the 3DS XL" person is very annoyed at Nintendo, so the article written under stress = fanboy article makes for unprofessional feel of N4G community website.
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PopRocks3591650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

5. I assume they meant no Wii U support at launch? Because we have at least a few games coming during summer and the holidays, possibly more depending on what's announced at E3. But yeah, while Nintendo can't just make twelve different games at the same time, the Wii U should have seen more support from Nintendo at launch. You could never sell a console with just Nintendo Land or NSMB alone.

4. Okay, really? The 3DS is sold at a profit and both the regular and XL models sell decently. That hardly factors into Nintendo's losses. If anything it's the reason why the more recent loss was reported as less than half as the previous one.

Also, the XL was not for fans. It was for people with vision issues. Considering the 3DS' tiny screen, it's welcome for people who adopted the DSi XL, which was also successful.

3. "Failure to Adapt to Adult Markets"

That seems like a lowbrow complaint. Legend of Zelda is not exactly catered only for little kids and Metroid games have been rated T for a while. The writer makes it sound like a game needs to have blood and sex in order to be interesting, and that just seems dumb to me.

I mean, to this day I still watch animated kids movies. Simply put, I find them very enjoyable, depending on how well they are made. I approach video games the same way. The maturity level is irrelevant as long as the experience is enjoyable.

2. Can't really disagree there. I'm not fond of the "mild upgrade" approach to new installments on new hardware. Nintendo should focus on creating newer experiences for their franchises, as well as some brand new IPs. The eShop was a great start for the Dillon series. Why not a full fledged console game with more depth and content?

1. Ah, well that's pretty typical.

BullyMangler1650d ago

save yourselves some time and do not read the article. this article is plagued with nonsequiters and blind fanboy confusion. not a healthy read. N4G website deserves better than this.