There Are More Games on Wii U Than You Think

Tynan Muddle at writes: "The old argument "there are no games for Wii U" is rendered moot when you consider the sheer number of titles on the system already available.

In fact, Nintendo lists a very healthy 88 games, all but eight of which are already released and ready to buy either on eShop or in stores. And despite all the negative arguments against Nintendo's latest console, the breadth of titles that are on the machine make it the most robust console launch in history."

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DivineAssault 1922d ago

If only there were more unique quality titles in that list.. Wii U needs original AAA core games besides the ports.. Bayonetta 2 is a good example

dedicatedtogamers1921d ago

The problem is perception. Nintendo promised a veritable avalanche of 3rd party support for the system. Nintendo made every effort to convince the public that "this time will be different! 3rd parties are on our team now, guys!"

Setting aside the fact that 3rd parties have unceremoniously dumped the WiiU, the few 3rd party games that WiiU did get were enhanced ports of year-old games. WiiU isn't even getting simultaneous release of 3rd party games. They're getting ports of games that have been out for a while. And then people wonder why no WiiU games are selling.

People also forget that Nintendo diverted development time/money/staff/resources away from the WiiU to the 3DS. PanicNintendo simply could not afford for the 3DS to do poorly (and it did do poorly for its first 6 months). So now the WiiU is suffering the consequences because Nintendo is still making sure the 3DS is on track to succeed.

GoldenElf1921d ago

When did Nintendo come out and PROMISE that a bunch of companies they have nothing to do with would devote development time and millions of dollars in making games for their console?

The only thing Nintendo has promised is that Nintendo will support Wii U. Which it is doing.

LOL_WUT1921d ago

@ GoldenElf I wouldn't call what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U "support". So far the console has been a huge disaster for them. ;)

stragomccloud1921d ago

Say what you will, compared to the first Wii and the Wii U is getting a lot more 3rd party support. So things are improving.

Irishguy951921d ago

Same argument as the Vita protectors. "but it has games"...yeah and they mostly suck

yugovega1921d ago

batman, mass effect, darksiders, cod, and ac3 suck? but I thought those all had high 9's in reviews everywhere and were goty contenders? ah fanboys. and before I receive the "old ports" comments, do remember batman, mass effect, anddarksiders came with more content. cod and ac3 released within a week of the other systems, and playing a gme 6 months later doesn't change the fact that the games are still good.

LoveOfTheGame1921d ago

Yes COD and AC3 do suck, not opinion it's fact. As for the other three I do believe they are very good games but it does matter they were out before. It means that you most likely have already bought that game and played it on another system. If you own other systems and you didn't buy it on that system why would you buy it on the Wii U for a higher price than you could get it for on other consoles>

Qrphe1921d ago

It doesn't matter how long the list is if many of these games are old ports or games that don't even have a release date and ultimately leave us with months of games of wait for something worthwhile to play on the system.
The next Wii U game I'll be picking up is Pikmin 3, and that comes out on August while the last game I got was NFS (which I didn't happen to grab earlier): that's a five-month wait of me playing nothing but NFS on the Wii U.

yugovega1921d ago

you may want to check out re revelations, or game and wario.

iplay1up21921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

BOPS2 is a great game and it came out a week after PS360 and multiplayer is far better on Wii U. If you have not played it with a friend over both online, you are missing out.

PopRocks3591921d ago

Sadly this list is not sufficient, not expansive enough. Many of these games are VC games and older ports. So while there IS more content, a lot of it is content that many gamers already have access to on other platforms for cheaper prices. You can't really justify it with those titles.

Bust out some Smash Bros. and Star Fox and then it will be a very different story.

yugovega1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

the older ports arnt cheaper on other systems though. add all the dlc to batman, or darksiders ndd you would pay the same price.

_QQ_1921d ago

This list doesn't mention many of the coming exclusive titles such as 3D Mario, Monolith's X, Mistwalker's game, or Retro's game, and that is not even half of what has been confirmed.I'm also a PC gamer so i only buy consoles for Exclusives,and the WiiU is looking to have an abundance of QUALITY exclusives titles coming.

Mapleine1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Hey, sweet, so let's see what we have:

-Games eons off from release or that do not have release dates.

-A handful of mostly poor quality, highly overpriced, rom dumps.

-Mediocre ports from three other systems that have been on the market for a minimum of 7 years.

Convincing list. Why not throw up the entire Wii library on your list, since the U can play them? It would fit in well with the agenda of the article.

NeoTribe1921d ago

I wish your comment was at the top. Sums up what this article is about perfectly.

jairusmonillas1921d ago

There are less games on Wii U thank you think.

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