GT5P Ferrari F2007 - Real Life Versus Game Comparison

Here is a comparison of the car Ferrari F2007 in Gran Turismo Prologue and it's real life comparison by bouc_emissaire.

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decapitator3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Now, am not going to bullsh!t here. The real life comparison looks better since it's well...real life(Duh). BUT GT5P version is pretty damn close to the real one. It needs a bit more red. I would say that, the game is about85% there to the real one. Hopefully GT5 will directly compete with the real life version.

Witty Comment3923d ago

that most developers and digital artists don't realize is that it's the imperfections of something or somebody that makes them look distinguishable. You can polish something as much as you want, but a race car should look like a race car.

That's not to say that's not goddamn pretty, though. Which it is...

THWIP3923d ago

...for a Sony fanboy to post "GT5P" looks better". :p

That is very impressive...GT5P just barely lacks the color saturation of "real life", everything else is damn close. By the time I finally pick up a PS3 (this X-mas ??), maybe PD will have confirmed full damage modelling for GT5.

decapitator3923d ago

Is not. BUT IS PRETTY DAMN CLOSE. Give me another game currently out that is visually darn close as GT5P ?......Exactly. There isn't one.

EDIT: BTW, you need to stop trolling.

Spinner3923d ago

Well at least the wait for a jealous 360 fanboy wasn't long.

Marceles3923d ago

for an Xbox fanboy to say "Forza 2/PGR4 looks WAY better"

/end sarcasm

THWIP3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

...and the other 6 that disagreed... I find it amusing that you fanboys are so insecure, that you could actually get defensive about an OBVIOUS JOKE...followed by a COMPLIMENT about the game. You people are truly pathetic.

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skynidas3923d ago

The one of GT5 needs more red but the detail and the model looks wonderful...of course the real life one looks better

xg-ei8ht3923d ago

Wow some of you need an eye test. It doesn't require more red, it requires more yellow.

Add a little yellow photoshop sytle/

GavLam883923d ago

The modeling is spot on, the only thing missing is the Ferrari's lack of red.

TriggerHappy3923d ago

Looks pretty good. They both look awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.