Insomniac CEO, Ted Price, on Fuse, multiplatform releases and the Wii U

Contrary to some reports, Ted Price and Insomniac have not ruled the Wii U out completely just yet.

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rbluetank1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

i wish you the best Ted. the sound design,gameplay and graphics leave me uninterested in buying Fuse. when i look at the last of us and metro the last light, i do not see my self buying your game.

abzdine1805d ago

i will dare to even say: terrible game! I didnt feel any fun while playing the demo it felt like an extremely weak Vanquish clone, no more no less.

As much as i like and respect IG i'm not buying this game to make them understand that this isn't what i'm expecting from them. Go back give me some Pixar type of platforming Ratchet on PS4 and you will have my money no doubt!

SOULJER1805d ago

I feel the same way. Might pick it up at 20 dollars for old time sake.

ziggurcat1805d ago

tried the demo, it was kind of "meh" for me...

BigStef711805d ago

I gotta admit I didn't know what to expect going into the demo for Fuse. I didn't expect it to be good. Boy was I wrong. The demo was really fun. I'll never doubt you again Insomniac. This game is a must buy for me now and fans of Insomniac should get it . I really hope it ends up being successful. I can see Insomniac put their heart and soul into making this game. For the people who still say it sucks, I don't know what your definition of fun is

vickers5001805d ago

I don't think it sucks, but I clearly don't see the heart or soul AT ALL from FUSE. I mean the controls are tight, the abilities seem kind of cool (though nothing mindblowing), the co-op is neat, but the game completely lacks personality and just looks (and eventually makes it feel) like just another generic 4 player co-op class based shooter. Hell, even the "realistic" graphics they're going for aren't even that good. They look as generic as a game can possibly get.

I was very interested in the game when it was "Overstrike", but no so much now. If this game were being secretly developed with no knowledge of who was developing it, I honestly wouldn't give it a single look. The only reason it's even slightly on my radar is because it's made by insomniac.

Even if FUSE happens to be one of those games that, while it doesn't have too much innovation or uniqueness, is very good at what it tries to accomplish, I still wouldn't buy it full price because it simply lacks its own unique flavor that many games have.

I wont dismiss the game entirely, as I plan to buy the game later on down the line when it drops to bargain bin prices (20 bucks or lower), and even then, I'm only buying it at that price because its by insomniac.

*sigh* If it had only kept its unique (or at least very rarely used) art style, I would be a lot more interested in it. I wonder whose decision it was to change the art style, EA or Insomniac. Probably EA, though I wish, if it was EA, Insomniac would have fought harder to keep the original game.

BigStef711804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I mean we never even saw overstrike in action and Insomniac even said this version of the game is much better by being actually fun. I trust their word. I just feel the hate is pretty ridiculous.I feel its more the fact everyone hates EA and since its published by them it automatically is generic. I understand people think it looks generic but I personally like the art style. Maybe I'm crazy but it still looks like the cartoony art style of Insomniacs other games. But anyways this is the game we're getting from them and I will be supporting them. I suggest fans of the company should support them as well because we don't want them to have to close the studio or never have Sony interested in working with them again .
One thing though, did you find that joke about the goggles at the pause funny? I thought that it was pretty funny and a good joke

R_A_LEE201804d ago

I'm glad that someone still believes in the Wii U.

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