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VVV: "But there’s a more pertinent reason why GT6 belongs on the PS3. While GT5’s physics were second to none in the console racing simulation spectrum, its numerous delays had allowed the competition to overtake the slow-moving granddaddy. And despite being in development for six years, many felt that GT5 fell short of its potential, with shortcomings that made it feel like an unfinished product.

Polyphony now have the opportunity to make GT6 the game that GT5 should have been. With this in mind, here’s our rundown of the strides we feel GT6 needs to make to catch up with the competition"

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SynGamer1809d ago

I don't like the line "Polyphony now have the opportunity to make GT6 the game that GT5 should have been."

Yes, GT5 took over 5 years BUT, with the numerous updates PD released over the years since GT5 released, the current iteration of GT5 we have is the game GT5 should have been. GT6 will be a refinement of that with new features. PD had to build a new engine from scratch essentially for GT5 on the PS3. Since it's release, PD have been able to work on that engine, giving them more time to actually work on the game itself.

All I know is that when GT6 releases, ALL of the cars should be premium. If there are any standard cars I won't be buying it. PD has had more than enough time to incorporate a proper roster of premium cars. Furthermore, they NEED to reduce the amount of cars in-game. I get that they want to offer a bit of something for everyone, but considering the costs, we don't need 12 different versions of the Madza RX-x

jimbobwahey1809d ago

Patches and updates helped certainly, but they didn't fix the abundance of issues that many people had with GT5 to begin with. The game still has standard cars, standard tracks (Laguna Seca and Trial Mountain for example) and an utterly terrible user interface. The sketchy framerate and screentearing still remain as well.

Personally I'd like to see them drop the native resolution in GT6 down to 720p native (rather than the kinda-1080p GT5) to help the game run smoother without framerate dips and screentearing. I'd also like to see a completely new UI and career mode that doesn't suck.

Following that, they need to spend time on the visuals of tracks such as Trial Mountain and Cape Ring because they just look hideous. They need to pull all the standard cars out of the game too, completely. They probably won't have upgraded all of them to premium since it took them about 5 years to do 200 cars to that level, but the whole implementation of standard cars was terribly thought out, what with the used car dealership and all.

Larry L1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I used to get screen tearing in GT5 until recently. I was just going through the menus for no real reason and I noticed a display mode option that was on "shapened" or whatever, I put it in another more and don't get tearing anymore. Though I've never noticed any significant framerate drops.

The other thing that bothers me, is that this article (and you as well) say the standard model cars were never upgraded. No offense but that is utter BS. The bodies on standard cars look FAR nicer now compared to pre-2.0. They've gotten continually better since 2.0. Just look at the first 2 images this article uses. Those are standard model cars, and really don't look that bad at all, and they don't even have premium rims and better paint updating their looks even further. Remember how jaggie the nose and body lines of that first car in particular used to be?? Now it's all nice and smooth.

Standard models have come a LONG way since launch, and that's just what could be done through patches. You're very limited in graphical upgrades you can make through patches. Those standard models could look even better with a game engine that's actually open for a new game.

jimbobwahey1809d ago

I said that the game still has standard cars yet you're claiming that's BS?

Either you're a crazy fanboy, or everybody except you has a completely different copy of GT5.

xJumpManx1809d ago

I loved the GT franchise until they released GT5. When it takes longer to load a race than to actual race the race you have some issues. I dreaded even changing menu screens I knew it was going to go into another round of loading. The install time of GT5 and patches was just a tad faster than downloading 30 gigs of wow fresh onto a computer.

iPad1809d ago

I don't know what GT5 you're playing because I experience little loading times on mine.

Dee_911809d ago

Its so funny to see people try to complain about the game and the crap they complain about was fixed 2 years ago.Just hush

JoGam1809d ago

Maybe his Playstation is not connected to the internet to get the update

C0MPUT3R1809d ago

That was updated a long time ago it used to take 1 min to get into a race at launch. Now it is 15 seconds.

kingPoS1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

That sound serious! There might be problem with your ps3 if takes over two minutes for an a spec race to load.

Was the ps3 properly ventilated? Were the intake/outtake vents dusty? What ps3 model do own? Is your HDD empty or full? Has it been powered off via menu or simply unplugged. Was the game disc smudged, scratched or clear. Have any other software titles on your PS3 preformed in a similar fashion?

Inquiring minds want to know? This is serious! Your ps3 could in danger of contracting YLOD! lol

Qrphe1809d ago

Have you logged on in the past couple of years?

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Jek_Porkins1809d ago

As long as all the cars are premium and you can do a dash view from them all, I'm sold on it.

ZodTheRipper1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

GT6 needs a bit more than that but I'm sure Polyphony is doing it right this time.

clarkdef1809d ago

If you look at the history, the second gt has always been a lot better.

GT1 solid game, but GT2 had more variety.

GT3 Solid game, but GT4 had more variety.

Now GT5... The game does have good variety and is well worth it's price tag.

-Falaut-1809d ago

I always wish there will be a grassroots racing like mode for GT. You buy a beater and work your way up with monies that reflect real world automotive expense and supplemented with a regular, for example, monthly $5000 "income". This way, when you eventually have a >insert your dream car< you actually know how to drive it and deserve to drive it. Cockpit mode with a steering wheel remove feature would also be solid for the people with cockpit setups.

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