Twisted Metal Developer Eat Sleep Play's New Game is Out Today

Twisted Metal Developer Eat Sleep Play's New Game is Out Today. Eat Sleep Play has partnered with Zynga on Running with Friends, a new mobile game that looks a lot like Subway Surfers.

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Sandmano1803d ago

Yes this was the next logical route to take... xD

Abash1802d ago

These guys are way too talented to be making a mobile game like that. Hopefully they have the opportunity to make a new Twisted Metal on PS4 someday

LOL_WUT1802d ago

From Twisted Metal to this? It can't possibly get any lower... ;)

rustyspoon801802d ago

From God of War (David Jaffe), to Twisted Metal to this.
He next game will be a Pong clone.

Undrey1802d ago

David Jaffe isn't with Eat Sleep Play. He left after Twisted Metal.

CernaML1802d ago

Actually it's from Twisted Metal to God of War to Twisted Metal. Also, David Jaffe has nothing to do with this game in the first place.

rustyspoon801802d ago

Ah ok. Thanks for pointing that out guys, I didn't realise he'd left them.

DOMination-1802d ago

They did initially have a three game deal with Sony. I wonder if that was canned when Jaffe left? They will probably realise that there isn't as much money in mobile gaming as they first thought and come back to console development one day.

gameforall1802d ago

The 3 game contract was for small or PSN games, which was changed to 1 box game ie Twisted Metal.

DOMination-1802d ago

Thank you kind sir the info, I was never too impressed with the new TM game so I never really followed the news about it or ESP. I think it's sad that they as so many have, gone down this route but the chances of creating that blockbuster title that makes millions appears to be slimmer than fullscale games. Just looking at this title, I can tell instantly that this won't be one of them.

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