PS Vita Weekly Deals - ACIII Liberation $29.99, NFS: Most Wanted $29.99, 16 GB $29.99 and more

May PS Vita Deals and Sales from Amazon, GameStop, Target, Best Buy and Newegg.

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xNomaD1806d ago

These are some amazing deals that I would definitely take advantage of for my Vita. Always need something new to play on it.

andrewsimons1806d ago

I've seen better, but those deals are not bad.

Kalowest1806d ago

Same, these deals sucks; The only good deal is the 16GB for $30 at BB!

WiiUsauce1806d ago

30 dollars for 16GB is not a good deal.

yeahokchief1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Deals arent that great, but I went ahead and ordered Virtues Last Reward.

Retail stores like Target, Walmart, Best Buy are no longer carrying it so $34 no tax/free shipping is a good enough deal for me.

Shacojin1806d ago

Should be $19.99 or less for a 32GB memory card

Apollo11806d ago

Are you serious?
Best Buy is the only store offering 16GB for $29.99.
Go check Amazon, Target and other stores.

refocusedman1806d ago

For the stores that dont offer the memory cards for 30 go to a store that does online price matching; Ive bought 2 memory cards at this price.

Gamefan121806d ago

UGH freaking tease. Was going to get the memory ( yea it is still over priced but 30 bucks off is a good deal ). But no , store pickup only, and no store in my state have it.

Apollo11806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I agree :), Amazon has same card for $50.97.

DivineAssault 1806d ago

didnt know batman was going on vita

Oh_Yeah1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

32 gb should be no more than 30$ and 16gb should be 15$... Going off other sd card prices... And you can't even use the Sony one for everything....just the vita. A price drop is definitely needed.