GTA IV - Star Wars The Millennium Falcon Mod

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader 'Jonathan Gustafsson' has informed us about another Star Wars mod for Rockstar's sandbox title. As the title suggests, this mod introduces a Star Wars Millenium Falcon to GTA IV."

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Muffins12231866d ago

Jesus, just imagine what we can do with gta 5 on pc

TXIDarkAvenger1866d ago

That's it.

Rockstar has to announce GTA 5 on PC. I cannot wait. Seriously, I just built my PC and now I can finally experience these amazing mindblowing mods

FlyingFoxy1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I'm just hoping we have at least 64+ player online, editable game modes like in San Andreas MP mod. and freedom like SA-MP.

it could be really great, IV's multiplayer is nowhere near as populated as SA-MP nor as fun.

Even though SA-MP is a mod, the major servers have like 100+ players constant and over 200 in one server at peak times. So it's always busy and very fun, hopefully Rockstar have learned that for V.

Th3 Chr0nic1866d ago

and ranked servers ..with people actually playing in them

ape0071866d ago

i've never played any game on PC ever except lttle doom 3 and half life 2 on my friends pc back then but i wish that gta v come to pc, u know gta started on pc

Th3 Chr0nic1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

it looks cool and is cool that they made it. but i like the speeder bike mod better (link below). its seems to be more well made and more functional, i mean it has working lazers! and this falcon has ...well a lot of clipping from all the parts of random things used to make it and it has some sounds. i mean add lazers since we know it can be done. also a little bit of light in the engine thrusters would do wonders for it

aliengmr1866d ago

Well made? Its wayyy out of proportion, has no "OOOO" sound, and the paint job is just awful.

A for effort, D for execution.

Th3 Chr0nic1865d ago

im not sure u understood what i said.....the speeder bike i linked is more well made than the falcon in this article.

LackTrue4K1866d ago

The creativity is there.....but the fun factor?


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