Dragon’s Dogma – If Skyrim and Demon’s Souls Had a Child(

Missed out on Dragon's Dogma the first time around? Well here comes Dragon's Dogma with a Massive DLC addition. But is it worth the extra money to invest in this game or should you just play the original. Or maybe even skip it all together (

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MysticStrummer1770d ago

I don't think Dragon's Dogma is much like either Skyrim or Demon's Souls. Great game though.

gamedebater1770d ago

Skyrim (Open World, Multiple Quests, Shit Combat) + Demons Souls (Excellent Combat, Dark challenging atmosphere, Linear-ish) = DD (Open World, Great Combat, Dark Atmosphere kind of challenging)

Makes sense to me : )

MysticStrummer1770d ago

Not as open as Skyrim, and not as dark or challenging as Demon's Souls. I'll give you that when it's night time or you're in dark crypt/cave the visuals are somewhat similar to Demon's Souls, but that's where the resemblance ends in my view.

Knight_Crawler1770d ago

More like if Two Worlds and Dragon Age had a child.

bad naruto1770d ago

If Skyrim and Demon’s Souls Had a deformed Child that is.

Cirran1770d ago

Of course, but the deformed child always gets the most love and attention. Love and attention it deserves.

Cirran1770d ago

He gets a hell of a lot of lovin from me ;D

thirtyandnerdy1770d ago

Still my favorite game this generation.

RankFTW1770d ago

I've spent about 60 hours on this game this week and have loved every second. Ur-Dragon >.<

Neko_Mega1770d ago

What part is like Demon's Souls? It wasn't a hard game and I didn't know alot in it too.

JAMurida1770d ago

It was more the feel and gameplay that had the Demon's Souls vibe to it, not the difficulty. I remember when the game was still being made how I even thought that it looked like Demon's Souls.

bluetoto1770d ago

"It wasn't a hard game "

Neither was DS despite all the hoopla and hype.

MysticStrummer1770d ago

Compared to most games it certainly was.

grimmweisse1770d ago

Somebody is telling porkies!

xXxSeTTriPxXx1770d ago

Day one ds was harder then a teen in the playboy mansion Youtube made it easy.

bluetoto1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

"Compared to most games it certainly was."

NO. That would only apply to YOU and most of the games YOU play. I don't play most games so I wouldn't know. I only play games that interest me and it was no different from most games in my collection.

It's just like any other game where going in blind and not knowing the map/enemies is the challenge. The only difference is in how they designed the combat to flow.

Ok let me rephrase that, it wasn't hard for me. it has a very simple design. Most of these people who had/have a hard time don't know what hard is.

They are not used to thinking and that's what makes games like this hard for them. Clearly part of this new gen of "gamer" who know nothing about game design.

Having overpowered enemies with stupid A.I. does not make a game hard. Sorry to inform you dweebs but playing DS doesn't make you a super gamer or whatever you think it means to you.

It's a game. treat it as such.

wth, suddenly a game you can't rush thru and have to have a little patience is considered hard? Do you all have ADD?

"Day one ds was harder then a teen in the playboy mansion Youtube made it easy. "

Never said day one was easy and yes youtube does help, but youtube is no different then then the strategy books of previous gens. I used them then and will most likely always use them.

If you feel cheated/lessened because you sought/needed help in figuring out something then it's you who has the mental issues.

Gaming is a fun pastime for me and I play for story and gameplay but it seems most of these folks play DS for reasons unknown to me. I don't play games to "best" someone else nor do I care about bragging rights about VIDEOGAMES. I play for FUN. Maybe you all should try it.

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