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Submitted by mephman 1004d ago | opinion piece

Why PlayStation Vita? "Back in February of 2012, Sony released its 2nd generation of handheld gaming devices. While originally codenamed Next Gen Portable (NGP), at release it received its final name -PlayStation Vita.

Unfortunately since it's release it has not received the sales figures one would expect. Equally as bad, is the large amount of negative responses the device has received. While in some cases it is warranted, in many cases it is misinformation. Sadly Sony has done little to promote this console and its many strong features.

The PS Vita has many elements that set it apart and stop it from being just another handheld gaming device. That's where this article comes in. It's been designed to debunk some myths of the Vita console, as well as highlight the many reasons why this console should not be so easily dismissed." (PS Vita)

ShawnCollier  +   1004d ago
It sucks the system hasn't been selling well. I've gotten more than enough enjoyment out of it.
mephman  +   1004d ago
Agreed. It just needs to get some momentum behind it.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1004d ago
I am sure once the PS4 will release, SONY will see a rise in VITA sales because it is the PS4's companion.
gamer42  +   1004d ago
Well that's the problem, to be strong console, it has to be able to stand alone, not just become a peripheral for the PS4. I'm not saying it shouldn't have the cross play, but the vita should be known for playing quality games found nowhere else but on the vita, NOT known as the thing that plays PS4 games on the go. Not that the later is too bad either (who wouldn't want to play PS4 games on the go), but I want the vita to succeed on it's own merits not the PS4's
Arai  +   1004d ago
I shall join the crew soon, getting that limited edition AC: Liberation bundle in 2 weeks.

Reason for purchasing it is Muramasa Rebirth limited edition, Gravity Rush and the lot (mainly games made in the East).

That it will be a nice companion with the PS4 is an added bonus.
Have yet to check out all the games that are available for the system.

I like the aesthetics of the hardware, and only have read good things about the screen.
Should come in handy during my flights (assuming you're allowed to use it during a flight).
CaptainSheep  +   1003d ago
Good choice!
Gravity Rush is a killer game. Also try Persona 4: Golden, if you're into JRPGS. I can't recommend that game enough.
Oh, and the Vita has an airplane mode. They let me use it on a flight, so I guess it shouldn't be a problem. :D
illtornworld  +   1003d ago
I cant find the Assassins Creed Vita bundle anywhere but Amazon at over 300.00bucks thats the one i wanna get too
-GametimeUK-  +   1004d ago
I may get one next month. I have had my 3DS a year, but I'm only starting to like it. Do I really need a vita? The thing is I have downloaded many vita games from ps+ and I'm itching to play them.
Kingthrash360  +   1004d ago
when you get a vita your 3ds will collect dust....largely because assuming you have ps+ the games will come constantly oh and the fact that there are alot of great games to choose from.
WeMilk   1004d ago | Spam
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1003d ago
So have you played all of the good games in it to make that statement? uncharted, gravity rush, shinobido 2, ninja gaiden 1,2, soul sacrifice, persona 4 golden, littlebig planet vita, dynasty warriors next, sly cooper thieves in time, mortal kombat, resistance burning skies, silent hill book of memories, dead or alive 5, tekken x street fighter, PS all stars, unit 13, escape plan, assassins creed 3 liberation, need for speed, sonic and sega all stars, Disgaea 3, ragnarok odyssey, and not to mention almost all digital PSP titles. and I don't think bothering with the reason that PS allstars, NFS, mortal kombat, tekkenxSF are all ports because if thats the case then multiplats on PS3 and 360 is also bad? when a game is ported it means its multiplat. I doubt you have played most of the games i mentioned. But if thats your opinion that vita sucks then fine. Me and many gamers around the world testify that vita is the best handheld in the market. its just "1" year old. PS3 in its 1-2yrs it doesnt have so many exclusive games. but when it hit 3rd year, BOOM!! so many games. If the PS3 can do it, why not the vita??
Torchwood4  +   1004d ago
Even though the sales aren't what Sony has been looking for the amount of dedications owners of the vita have is really amazing!
mephman  +   1004d ago
I guess that's what happens though, when the numbers aren't that great.

I'm still surprised it's doing so badly compared to the PSP.
WeMilk   1004d ago | Spam
remanutd55  +   1004d ago
Wifi settings need to be loaded faster, its quite frustrating to be waiting everytime you want to go online, how about improving the message and friends list apps and make them one? how about in game online multiplayer vita UI? if the system is powerful enough then they should improve the user experience, oh and those loading times need to be reduced on every single game.

AAA titles need to come out consistently, not once in a blue moon. I know i will get attacked because of my comment because in this site you cant question sony but hey i just want a better experience, this is supposed to be the ultimate handheld gaming machine and its a pain in the a.. to replay resistance burning skies story because you have to wait for the cut scene to end before you start playing, hello we are in 2013 not 1995 sony.
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takohma  +   1004d ago
So what generation is the PSP GO considered? Just wondering because he said this is Sony's second gen handheld.

First Gen
-PSP 1000,2000,300?

Second Gen

Third Gen
-PS Vita- right or wrong?
PopRocks359  +   1004d ago
It's the same as the PSP. Same tech, it was just a download only machine.
WalterWJR  +   1004d ago
I think the clue here is the letters P S and P
Gamesgbkiller  +   1004d ago
Just go buy it.

There are games will keep you busy for next year.
freezola75  +   1004d ago

I didn't read this article because they're all the same.. these articles on the Vita really chaps my ass..

so I refuse to give that site a hit.


We KNOW it had a rough start, but so did the PS3 and look at how that turned out. While one console has basically stalled.... and thee MOST RECENT one has been practically labeled "D.O.A.", it seems like the overpriced, late-to-the-exclusives-party, 10 year plan having console, is still churning out exclusives.....

It's laughable because as I've said before, let this handheld be called the M$ or Nintendo Vita, and some of you suckas would have the utmost respect for the damn thing. But because it's Sony, then you see keywords and phrases pop up like "failure", "disappointing sales" or the STUPIDEST one I loathe, it has no games etc etc...

It's one thing to be critical about issues concerning the Vita ... it's totally another issue to just trash it because some corny websites are saying that Sony is abandoning the Vita (please kill yourself /s)..

Regardless, I can't begin to tell you how much I am loving my Vita.

but it has no games so... WTF do I know?

this summer is gonna be awesome for it!! Soul Sacrifice, Muramasa Rebirth, and DRAGON'S CROWN!

Incredible titles on the horizon too. Don't let any of these Vita doom & gloom articles make a fool out of you!! Peace
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Heisenburger  +   1003d ago
This is a very PRO- Vita article man.
" Don't let any of these Vita doom & gloom articles make a fool out of you!!"

This is awkward....
josephayal  +   1004d ago
la vita It's an awesome piece of hardware, backed by some nice games and a rather flawed OS, but it's still expensive
Williamson  +   1004d ago
The vita is probally my favorite handheld of all time! I love how comfortable it is to hold,love the OS, love the beautiful screen, and I love the second stick. Ive got a lot of enjoyment from many different quality games so far, and just thinking about what kind of games can be made for the vita gets me excited.
Salooh  +   1004d ago
Same here. I think a lot though because nothing interest me right now to make me busy for 4 months. But i can see people here get busy with current games.
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LoveOfTheGame  +   1003d ago
You must have some damn small hands for it to be that comfortable. Not disrespecting you or Vita, but when Soul Sacrifice came out that was the first time I played over and hour and it seemed like my hands were kinda cramping...idk maybe I was holding it wrong.
Allowen  +   1004d ago
I wonder if the Vita was not just called but named as PSP2 if it would not sell more...
ginsunuva  +   1004d ago
Probably; that's my idea too.
Salooh  +   1004d ago
…•≥>''GÂMÈ ;S''<≤•…
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-Falaut-  +   1004d ago
...has lots.
Salooh  +   1004d ago
Not serious games though. Disagree all you want but that's the truth and that's why i'm not happy with it. Some people like me want special games like killzone not simple games. Go to the list of upcoming games and you will see that the vita only have 2 big games coming and they are really far away from release. 4 months to get a taste of the vita potential >.< ..

Just 2 games for the rest of the year. Sony need to announce big games as soon as possible..
#9.1.1 (Edited 1004d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
Hicken  +   1004d ago
What's a serious game? Assassin's Creed? Soul Sacrifice? Gravity Rush? Uncharted? Sly? PS All Stars? The Show?

Simple games? What about ANY of those is simple?

Don't get me wrong, as I'm looking forward to Killzone, too, but it's probably more "simple" than any of the games I listed.

It's exactly that sort of generalization and out of hand dismissal that keeps the Vita's impression as negative as it is.

Despite a great launch, it wasn't good enough(though better than any lineup in recent history).

Despite having a good first year library, it's worse than the 3DS's(even though they were about on par, especially in big-name titles).

Despite promising upcoming titles, they'll never be big enough.

Truth is not subjective, while your assertion that there are no "serious" games most certainly IS. It may be your personal opinion, which is fine, but that hardly holds true for any majority of people related to the device.
Chapter11  +   1004d ago
The PS Vita haz no gaems
DJ  +   1004d ago
I own one and it's got tons of games. They should have named it PSP 2. Then sales would have probably been much higher. I guess calling it Vita and the PS4 "Orbis" was a nice internal marketing pun at Sony.

Thank god they stuck with PS4's current name.
Satirical  +   1004d ago
A solid piece of tech, but vastly overpriced and a shortage of games. I'd rather have the 3DS...
ger2396  +   1004d ago
It's a great hand held, with a good library of games that covers just about every genre. Yet people keep saying there are a shortage of games. What games would you like? The I only thing that should be addressed is the price of memory cards. People that complain the most either don't own one or don't ever intend to buy one.
remanutd55  +   1003d ago
MediEvil, Syphon Filter, Gran Turismo, God of War, Heavenly Sword, proper Motorstorm, new full fledge Ratchet and Clank game ala A Crack in Time, Game similar to Warhawk or Warhawk, Fat Princess, Dead Nation, lots of new exclusive action/adventure, rpgs IPs.

There is always room for improvement for everything in life. Its a handheld gaming machine so basically i want more games and this is coming for someone who has a very good amount of psvita games.

getting online on games must be improved, release an update that allows the vita to get online by just turning it on so that way we dont have to wait everytime we have to use its online functionalities/apps.
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jensen86  +   1003d ago
it should of come out with a gta or a gran turismo or something big and they would of flown off the shelf i got it with uncharted wich lasted me a few days till unit 13 n other than that iv only played psp n ps1 games on it wich is kind of pointlees but at least killzones on its way
H4all  +   1004d ago
i have it more than one year...
when people say it's collecting dust..??
they are wrong..
many thing i can do with vita..

i'm watching video.. music playing.. near.. party with gamer in a game.. collecting trophy for a game.. many more.. is do more and more good.. the firmware update shows it's can do many thing next..

i have more than 20 game in one year.. and i play a lot..
social.. skype.. FB, youtube... many thing i can do on my vita.. the game is good..
i'm a seller.. so many people who has psp brought a vita on my place.. nice to play with them. sharing.. versus with them..
when i play.. the video on the link..
this will say what i feel now...

i love it.. many title.. and i will wait what PS4 can do with my mighty handheld.. it's amazing!!
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miyamoto  +   1003d ago
coz it has tons of game i really wanna play with the graphics fidelity to match the game play ... nuff said
greedybear88  +   1003d ago
I have a Vita and it's brilliant. I play on it every day. I have Fifa 12, The Metal Gear Solid Collection and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. There are plenty of other great games for the handheld that I haven;t even played yet like Soul Sacrifice, Little Big Plaent Vita and Gravity Rush... I woud absolutely love a GTA game or Infamous game for the Vita. :)
TheLastGuardian  +   1003d ago
Goddamn I love my Vita so much. Some say there aren't enough games on the Vita for them, but I have the exact opposite problem. I can't keep up with all my Vita games. I have about 30 so far and there's a LOT more I want.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1003d ago
the PS3 launched with a bad record, not so much exclusive games and only multiplats. but when its 3rd year hit, it had so many games. Who are you guys to think that the vita can not do what the PS3 did? The vita is just 1 year old if you guys don't know about it. Same can be said for the Wii-U it havent reached its first year and all you guys do is bash these 2 systems. pathetic really. everyone's a Fortune teller who thinks they know the future. Maybe I can ask one and tell me what "lottery" number can win
o-Sunny-o  +   1003d ago
I don't see the problem with Vita at all. I love my Vita beyond reason. Soul Sacrifice is a great game. There's a lot coming out later. Dragons Crown, Tearaway, Killzone, FFX, PSO 2, and others. ^~^ I have a lot and catching all the ones I missed from PS plus. Thanks Sony!
illtornworld  +   1003d ago
Vita is everything in 1 so ofcourse the price will be considered high, you can play almost all of the psp titles, indies, Vita games, u can listen to music while playing almost any vita game, 5" beautiful OLED touch screen, dual sticks, amazing games, the Vita is simply amazing And i love meeting people who feel the same about it as i do :-) Viva la Vita
jensen86  +   1003d ago
hopefully next year will b the year of the vita with the help of the ps4 to bump it up and all its needed was more good games n i bought unit 13 the day it come out and other than that the only game iv wanted is killzone mercs wich theyv decided to release the same day as gtav so its not so much the hardware more the software n just bad timing other than that i fink is a great little machine

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