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Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64 Beta Released

Triverse writes, "Perfect Dark, another Rare title that recently got a beta version release as covered by Past to Present Online (the other being Conker’s Bad Fur Day). The big deal with this beta is that various debug options are available to the player to mess with the different game options. Check out the gameplay video below, for those on low bandwidth or just not into watching vids, we have also made screens available too." (Retro)

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Moonman  +   494d ago
I have never played this game and totally want to!
triverse  +   494d ago
I played it, years after release, and couldn't get into it (I was never a controller playing first person shooter fan). A lot of other people love it though.
coolbeans  +   494d ago
The XBLA version is probably one of the greatest remaster attempts of this generation. FPS' have certainly moved forward a lot since then, but looking at the ambition in content + variety for an N64 game it'll blow your socks off which ideas hold up today.
cpayne93  +   494d ago
If you liked goldeneye this basically took the same formula and improved on it. Rare made the best graphics on the n64, these were some of the best realistic graphics and conker had the best cartoony graphics.
3-4-5  +   494d ago
?? Yea Perfect Dark is one of the few games that deserve the name perfect in it. For the time it was released, it was near to it.

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