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Battlefield 4 forces Activision to ramp up marketing for CoD Ghosts

Activision executives voice concern over competition from Battlefield 4 and will respond with a huge marketing campaign for Call of Duty Ghosts, which is coming on current and next gen platforms. (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Kingthrash360  +   838d ago
true: I know more, seen more of BF4...and to be honest more interested in the game. new cod a year is kinda burning me out. though I understand the money is great and record breaking each year...and all the while enjoyable BF3 is deeper than any fps sim war game ive played. usually I get cod first because I like the killstreaks but after playing bf3 (my first BF btw), im going that way this year.
Megatron316  +   838d ago
you see the light! as many are, love BF started with BC2 after MW2 and couldn't see CoD as a worthwile game ever again
3-4-5  +   838d ago
I've bought every COD...but every year even though they get better I play em less....it's a variation of the same thing over and over again.

Goldeneye 007 would have lost it's appeal if we got one every year.

Think of all the best IP's in the history of gaming...how many of them have a yearly release ?

Almost none.
Insomnia_84  +   838d ago
Yeah when I heard about the BF4 announcement I was really excited and just couldn't wait for that day to come. When I heard about, and watched the new COD it was like no excitement or interest at all. I do hope the step up their game this time, the last time I REALLY REALLY enjoyed a COD game was back with COD:WAW.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   838d ago
Sorry but, I think I'm more interested in the unannounced third party Ip's coming this fall.

I'm not saying both COD and BF will be bad games but that this point, I need new material.

Not just the same rival shooters every year.
elhebbo16  +   838d ago
ramp up the marketing? how bout the actual game.
Qrphe  +   838d ago
99% of the CoD's budget: marketing. The game was finished years ago.
FITgamer  +   837d ago
Definitely and dedicated servers on consoles. I have my mind set on passing up this years COD if not implemented.
Lockon  +   838d ago
lol Yeah I noticed that. When I seen that CoD ghost teaser trailer air on TV i lol'd so hard because they've never showed teasers for CoD on air this early XD. They scared.
B-radical  +   838d ago
Battlefielddddddddddddddddddd that is all
Megatron316  +   838d ago
wooo bf4
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Agent_hitman  +   838d ago
Acti is obviously threatened..
Monkeysmarts  +   838d ago
Supposedly COD Ghosts has destructible environments... to some degree. Welcome to 2008, Call of Duty. Oh and interactive load screens. Wow. Amazing.

I really hope DICE makes a great version of BF4 for next gen consoles. I have no interest in getting it for 360/PS3 and I don't game on a PC. I have no doubt that they will give us the real Battlefield experience on the new consoles... hopefully it will take some sales away from COD. Lord knows A LOT MORE HARD WORK goes into Battlefield games than Call of Duty.
rick1woller  +   838d ago
Battlefield is more forgiving for players with slower broadband. I hope this next COD is a bit more realistic and allows for more thought
Reverent  +   838d ago
Thanks to Battlefield, I couldn't possibly go back to playing any game that still uses something as ancient as client side servers.

Thank you DICE for the gift that is Battlefield <3
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oof46  +   837d ago
You do know that the majority of online shooters are client side, right?
Halo, CoD, Gears of War, and Crysis all have client side hit detection.
Goro  +   838d ago
Battlefield is absolutely no threat to COD...
It might take away a few sales but Call of Duty will ALWAYS come out on top (Sales-wise)...at least for the next 10 years.
Most of you's saying how COD sucks will still buy the next COD game...
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Karpetburnz  +   838d ago
I have never bought a CoD game, I have played many of them at friends houses and my brother use to own Black ops, CoD is a joke compared to Battlefield.
Goro  +   837d ago
Battlefield 3 is a joke compared to Bad Company 2
anubusgold  +   838d ago
I havent bought one since MW2 because bad company 2 was out on pc and it was way better.
sincitysir1  +   838d ago
From a single player perspective I like cod a lot but only when they become bargain bin games. I wouldn't pay more than 10 dollars for any cod or battlefield! Just my 2 cents.
raytraceme  +   838d ago
With gta v, bf4, beyond, watch dogs, assassin's creed, and the ps4 launch, ghosts is going to have it's biggest competition in years.
SpecialK  +   838d ago
COD 4 pretty much set up the franchise for this gen so I expect they will want to do the same with their next game.

People always expect more at the start of new consoles. Whoever makes a big impact from the get go, marketing AND gameplay. I think thats who will be top dog.

Only problem Im seeing is that battlefield could just become the next cod the way things are heading.
JeffGUNZ  +   837d ago
Your last point is spot on. BF4 will not come close with COD sales, lets be honest. Also, EA is now making BF games that are being pumped out too often. I miss the big leaps we use to get back in the day. BF4 looks the same as BF3 from what I have seen. Sure, next gen it will obviously look better, but the game is the same style.

If COD wants to remain ontop for next gen, they must deliver a quality COD like COD4MW did when it was released this generation. I am real eager to see this game running on a next-gen engine. I feel like Acitivision is going all in on this title.
Mistanoobz  +   837d ago
it looks the same because graphics can't get much better. the graphic portion of a game is starting to reach its limit. 3 years from now, I bet that games will look like real life.
Kran  +   838d ago
Activision's marketing advert:



Telling the story of the Ghosts which YOU LOVED in Modern Warfare 2... which we are no doubt going to crush your dreams with...

FOR AGES 6 AND UP, BUY the multi-thousand dollar game (because we can't spare the money, even though we have vaults of the stuff) that we TOTALLY DID NOT reuse any maps this time...... or did we?

COMING ON A NEW ENGINE, That we should have created pre-Black Ops 1...


Better than all the Call of Duty's combined.... we think... we could be wrong...

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Gamer-Z  +   837d ago
Well we already know what to expect from COD as its been the same game for the past 7 years with slight variations every year. I'm more interested in playing BF4 running at 720p, 60fps with real destructible environments on next gen systems, something I never got to experience with BF3 on current gen hardware :(
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PygmelionHunter  +   837d ago
I'm very skeptic about both of these for now... Will have to see some more gameplay to decide which one will I spend my money on (If I get either one at all!).

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