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How Far Will You Go For Rome? (DigiBytes)

Sega and Creative Assembly are gearing up to release the biggest Total War game yet, putting players into the boots of one of the most influential nations in our history, Rome. Players will write their own stories in the textbooks as they take control of the Roman war machine in a massive sandbox turn-based campaign.

Here's everything we know about the game to date. How far are you willing to go for Rome? (PC, Total War: Rome II)

Fez  +   843d ago
Always look forward to a new Total War game. Rome 1 was probs my favourite too. And the sieges look liked they've been greatly improved in this one.

Just hope my laptop can run it!
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ctate1995  +   843d ago
The sieges do look pretty awesome! I'm worried though that my lazy, sit back and wait for them to come defense strategy will no longer work xD What to do what to do...
Fez  +   843d ago
Ha yeh, same. Usually picking away at them with archers while the AI makes some suspect decisions does the trick. Probably not anymore!

The best one was setting pikemen/spearmen at the breach points and gates and waiting for them to charge in. Especially in Rome 1 with the chariots!
SirBradders  +   843d ago
Cant wait my PC will be built in time with the PS4 and so many good games this year im gonna be a hermit lol
ctate1995  +   843d ago
Haha, you have to love the Fall season for video games. Best time of the year!!! Summer? Nah...

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