Final Fantasy VIII Steam Achievements Revealed

Final Fantasy VIII Steam Achievements “revealed”‚ A while ago we revealed to our readers that FFVII and FFVIII were hitting Steam later on with achievement support. Today‚ it appears the denizens of the internet have discovered a list of achievements in the Steam database dedicated to FFVIII. You can find the list here.
Or you can read on below for the easier to read list that we compiled below. Tell us what you think about the Final Fantasy VIII Steam Achievements.

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wishingW3L1651d ago

they can do it for Steam but not for PSN?

Kamikaze1351651d ago

Because Sony doesn't allow trophies support for PS1 games. At least not yet.

DarkBlood1651d ago

that and probably some trick incentive to get some of the gamers into trophies to buy a ps4

NukaCola1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

No these are PC versions which mod easier. The games on PSN are emulated version that cant be patched so easily. I think classics and PSN titles on PS4 that came from this gen will probably be their PC counter parts as cell emulation is out and the PC architectural platform base is where they are going.

jsslifelike1651d ago


Exactly. These will be great to nab on the cheap, then wait for the inevitable fan-mod graphical update!

Qrphe1651d ago

Those are some disappointing set of achievements. I would have expected "Collect all Triple Triad Cards" as something of a challenge.

Chrono1651d ago

This is quite easy. Only Doomtrain's card was hard to get for me because its holder will very rarely use it. But near the end of the game, you can get all the cards easily.

dasbeer881651d ago

Anyone know when both VII and VIII are coming to Steam? :)

denisx041651d ago

No official release date yet.

jsslifelike1651d ago

I dunno, but they'd better announce a return to the pinnacle of the series, FF9.

Asuka1651d ago

though i would love a ff9 on steam as well, i do not believe ff9 was ever ported for pc. Only ff7 and ff8 were ported to pc.

gamernova1651d ago

Pinnacle is definitely arguable but I would love to see 9 on steam too. I think if 7 and 8 sell enough then 9 maybe...just maybe...will make an appearance.

Agent_hitman1651d ago

I heard there's a STEAM support for PS3. Can we just sync those trophies for PSN?.

TenkoTAiLS1651d ago

FFVII and FFVIII have been listed in the Steam registry for ages. They never showed up for download the last few times they had registry revisions for them. We can only hope that with these achievement lists being found it means they may finally get a release.

Maybe Squares own online store version didn't quite get as many sales as they expected so they finally decided to continue with bringing them to Steam?

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