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New Monster Hunter Online Info and Screenshots Introduce the Great Sword and the Bulldrome

While gamers are still wondering if Monster Hunter Online will ever be published in the west, Tencent released some new info about the game focused on the Great Sword weapon option and on the Bulldrome, that will be one of the alpha bosses included in the upcoming MMORPG. (Monster Hunter Online, PC)

dont need a nintendo for this! nice!
Abriael  +   444d ago
Lol. In before console war flame ensues.
Blacktric  +   444d ago
You do need to know how to read/speak mandarin though.
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PygmelionHunter  +   444d ago
This looks incredible! Is there any chance this will come to consoles too?
C-Thunder  +   444d ago
I hope so. There's certainly no technical reason why it couldn't.
PurpHerbison  +   444d ago
But at the end of the day it is still Capcom and they make odd decisions.
Abriael  +   444d ago
Considering the fact that it's developed and published by a Chinese company, and in China the console market is basically a zero factor, it's unlikely.
FamilyGuy  +   443d ago
Think they signed some deal to only make Monster Hunter available on Nintendos console for the next couple years so it would only happen on Wii-U, console-wise. A PC Monster Hunter released in other areas of the world is possible though, maybe handhelds too.
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spok22  +   444d ago
vita! :D
Blastoise  +   444d ago
Man those graphics are nice, shame it's not on PS4, Wii U or Vita or something
Orpheo  +   444d ago
I would try to buy a PS4 day 1 just to play this game.

::sigh:: Capcom, I love your Monster Hunter series, almost 800 hours into "Freedom Unite (PSP)" and still playing, but when will your western PlayStation fans see some more support? Please throw us a bone... a Big Elder Dragon Bone. ;)

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