Mad Genius' Motion Capture System brings Sony's break-apart controller idea to life, and then some

Engadget - Remember that break-apart DualShock 3 idea for motion control Sony had five years ago? A new company named Mad Genius Controllers has surfaced with a working prototype that shows such a contraption working in spades. The setup uses a splittable controller and a processing unit to enable seamless motion control and spacial tracking on any title and system. Because Mad Genius doesn't use any accelerometers or cameras like the current consoles, its creator notes that accuracy of up to 1/100th of an inch is possible.

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hiredhelp1836d ago

I really like this if this will run on PC too its a buy from me.

aCasualGamer1835d ago

They should start a Kickstarter project. I bet alot of gamers would support this.

Immersion 2.0.

r211836d ago

Oh wow, seeing it in motion makes it a bit less ridiculous. Pretty cool stuff.

SatanSki1835d ago

They have to work on lag and precission becouse the girl had to turn too much for comfort play.

PhoenixDevil1835d ago

Would love to see this done with Demons/Dark Souls :D doubt this would ever be a mainstream thing but certainly is a cool proof on concept

RuleofOne343 1835d ago

Best part it looked cool with the 360 controller being used now if MS would buy the company and find a way to get that retail ready i would buy it day one.

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