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Xbox Event: 5 Things Microsoft Must Do

May 21st, the date that the world will get to see the next generation of the Xbox. What does Microsoft have to do in the event to succeed?

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Community1504d ago
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GalacticEmpire1504d ago

[talking about showing the actual console and the nasty tweet made by Major Nelson]
"After this sort of tweet from an employee, choosing to do the same thing as Sony and not revealing the console itself would be a major mistake from Microsoft."

I just got bombarded with disagrees in another article for saying exactly this haha. Well bring em on again because I'm repeating the same sentiment, not showing a console would make MS look foolish.

T21504d ago

Perhaps, if they are releasing in Oct. However I dont feel Sony made a mistake at that time as it was pretty far and they had time at e3 ...

5 things ms needs to do - games , games , games, games, games.

JeffGUNZ1503d ago

Come on, if you were in their shoes, you wouldn't have showed the console? It's not because they just didn't want to, they probably didn't have a final build of the outter shell.

Bigpappy1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I refuse to read any more opinions that list 5 or 8 or what ever number of things. Always a waste of time.

The Next Xbox will be shown at this event. It is only a few weeks from E3 so it makes no since to wait.

Belking1503d ago

MS will put on a good show. I predict it will be similar to sony's but more detailed. It will be better than what sony showed.

slampunk1503d ago

Whilst on a whole i was very impressed with what Sony showed us in Feb (even if they didn't show the console)
I also have high hopes for MS and what they may bring to the table.

I'll get both eventually but which will i get first? I'll know after E3 I'd say.....

bring on May 21st.....and then let them duke it out at E3...

I hope there are some differences though....If MS have some good new exclusives (even if less than sony) and some other good features / services then it's win / win for me....

JeffGUNZ1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I really suspect the nextbox will be released before or no later then 11/5, when COD is released. It really wouldn't make sense to have COD at your reveal showing off their new game and then release the game before the nextbox is out. I expect a mid-to-late October release. Or, release on 11/5 with a COD bundle package.