Nordic retailer lists Gran Turismo 6 for PS4

GC - "A popular retailer has listed Gran Turismo 6 for the PS4."

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SandWitch1680d ago

And so it began.

To be [on PS4] or not to be

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wishingW3L1680d ago

I'm calling it: it will be a cross-generation release.

jerethdagryphon1680d ago

joint release theyd be fools not too 15 mill potential sales in ps3 + xmillion new adopters for ps4

adorie1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Sony is stalking my money. GT6 on PS4 would be a punch in the face, except.. I would like it. Sony, abusive, money hungry boyfriend with great exclusives.

ssj271679d ago

I think the teaser was clearly made with a car having a PS3 logo in it and thats a clear evidence that this GT6 is a PS3 game..
in others hands the 3 blinks could meant that there are 3 games been made.. the obvious PS3, PSV,PS4.

SoapShoes1679d ago

It was using a GT Academy car that was used before the PS4 was even announced and was designed to promote Gran Turismo 5 and the PS3. Even if they would spend the money to repaint it I doubt they would considering they haven't made the announcement yet. You don't reveal details like that before an announcement, you do it at your big reveal.

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Arai1680d ago

Seems like a mistake as other Nordic websites lists it for PS3.
From a business stand point it doesn't make sense either, as it would kill DriveClub's sales and PS3 has a larger user base.

PirateThom1680d ago

I think people need to remember, DriveClub and Gran Turismo are very different games.

DriveClub isn't even a simulator. Think PGR/Forza, real world cars, very different approaches to racing.

Jek_Porkins1680d ago

Even so, they never released a Forza and PGR game in the same year, alternating years or releases makes the most sense. Even though they are different types of racers, a GT game at launch with Drive Club would kill any Drive Club sales, GT just has too much clout.

PirateThom1680d ago

Actually, Forza 2 and PGR4 came out the same year.

Forza 2 was in May, PGR4 was in November. 2007.

hennessey861680d ago

Errrrm what, PGR is an arcade game yes. Forza isn't. GT and Forza are both simcade.

PirateThom1680d ago

I was more talking about thinking of Drive Club as being like PGR, while Forza would be the equivalent of Gran Turismo.

I was trying to make the comparison as base as possible since people seem to think Drive Club is some sort of sim racer.

Salooh1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

You should know that you are not really truth worthy because of your bubbles. Lol , just kidding but it have some effects. Like when i say the same thing people disagree with me like if i am a troll. People here sometimes act like children even if it's a fact not opinion such as yours right now. Or maybe they changed their mind. Or the people who disagreed with me didn't enter this article. Whatever it is people really need to grow up and never disagree with facts. It's really stupid.

It's a funny thing , no offense guys ^^ ..

rainslacker1679d ago

They could release in the same year, but not both be released on launch day. Jek makes a valid point in that both on launch day would likely kill any momentum for drive club, and that's not something Sony will likely want to do with a new IP.

It is very possible to have Drive Club day one to satisfy the racing fans, and those looking for more good launch games, and then releasing GT6 sometime early to mid next year. It would serve both franchises well, but GT fans would have to wait it out. Huge racing fans will likely get both either way.

SpideySpeakz1679d ago

And Drive Club looks way better than GT

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Venemox1680d ago

One thing you should know about Nordic websites is that they have absolutely no credibility. That I know because I live in Scandinavia.

A site I usually buy my games from has also listed GT6 for PS4, but also Just Cause 3, LBP3, Mass Effect 4 and even a new Socom (and gave all of them imaginary release dates). They're even up for pre-order even though none of them are officially announced.

insertnamehurr1680d ago

Infamous: Second son
Killzone: shadow fall
AC: black fag
The whitness
Deep down

ETC.. on launch day makes PS4 win!

PygmelionHunter1680d ago

Were these all confirmed for launch? I mean, aside from GT6 of course, which hasn't even been announced.

MariaHelFutura1679d ago

Everything aside from GT6 and Deep Down are (at this point) the launch titles.

ginsunuva1680d ago

You're all wrong; it'll actually be a PSMobile exclusive

wishingW3L1680d ago

does that include the Vita?

ShiftyLookingCow1680d ago

No it is going to compete with "Real Racing" on mobiles.

Fantastic Touch Controls! Insane IAP f---fest!

Aladdin's mat has never been more realistic.

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