Today On Reddit: Awesome Steam System Shock 2 Mods

GG3 posts Reddit posts, because r/gaming is cool. Today on Reddit, awesome System Shock 2 mods show that the game recently released on Steam can still hold up with modern titles, which isn't bad for a game that launched in 1999. Find a list of mods inside and some screenshots.

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BattleAxe1841d ago

I think I'm going to pick this up. Does anyone know if the story of this game ties into Bioshock at all, or is Bioshock simply a spiritual successor to System Shock?

ifritAlkhemyst1841d ago

Spiritual successor and nothing more.

xGrunty1841d ago

Nothing more indeed, though the ending of Infinite kind of makes you wonder the possibilities. :D

ifritAlkhemyst1841d ago

Please people, buy this GOG and not Steam. It's a matter of principle really, support non-DRM products.

wirapuru1841d ago

I'm really curious on why so many disagrees. Probably because people love Steam (which I do too)? The man/woman has a pretty valid point though.

hiredhelp1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Yeh im no fan of DRM myself but if its gonna be enforced on the gamers unless we all make a stand i can't see it changing anytime soon.

hiredhelp1841d ago

Sorry but DRM is becomming the Norm today and tommorow.