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Call of Duty Ghosts: Why It Could a Timed Exclusive for Xbox 720

"You have to hand it to Activision and Infinity Ward – they didn’t make much effort to hide the fact that Call of Duty: Ghosts existed. Though there’s been plenty of rumours and disinformation as to whether we’d be receiving Modern Warfare 4 or not, there have been plenty of leaks by retailers online as of late." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

NYC_Gamer  +   683d ago
The game it self won't be timed exclusive but the dlc could very well be to MS consoles
ltachiUchiha  +   683d ago
Yeah I agree. MS will prolly have sum timed exclusive dlc but I dont think activision would risk losing potential playstation customers.
shoddy  +   683d ago
Just like black ops 1-2, mw 1-3.
It would be a good idea for MS cause they need more exclusive to make the system stand out.

I never buy maps cause by the time the maps time out, a new COD come out like a month later.
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S_C  +   683d ago
Put it like this i'm 50/50 on getting this game. I will probs only get it because it's on next gen and to see if they make a big leap like they did with MW. So if they did do a console exclusive to 720 they would be missing out on a ton of money, i'll be getting a PS4 btw
Root  +   683d ago
I doubt it...Activision loves money, by the time it comes out of it's exclusive contract you'd only have a few months untill the next COD is announced.

The point of COD is too make as much money as they can before they announce the next one
MikeMyers  +   683d ago
Didn't you also advocate for GTA V to be timed exclusive on the PS4? People should either be against timed exclusive deals or for them. Not pick and choose because they like one company more than the other.

If Activision loves money then why are they doing exclusive stuff for the PS4 and Destiny? See, being biased doesn't always give reasonable messages on forums.
Root  +   683d ago
Typical you bringing up stuff which doesn't need to be brought up since it's not relevant at all.

First of all COD and GTA are two very different things...especially quality and development time wise.

Secondly I only said it would be huge for Sony if they got a game like GTA as an exclusive


I've never said anything about how it SHOULD be an exclusive.

So yeah...go chew on that for a while and in the future Mike don't twist peoples words to cause an argument like what you do on my comments, DragonKnights and other peoples comments
MikeMyers  +   683d ago
So it would be huge for Sony but COD: Ghosts on the next Xbox not so huge? Got it. Oh and Rockstar doesn't want money but only Activision? Got it. You're right, the DLC for GTA IV was free and a gesture on their part. Otherwise Rockstar cares less about money than Activision.

Of course this is all relevant. It's about 3rd party publishers making exclusive deals in the past and moving forward. You also neglected to mention Destiny, a title that Activision is also behind.

This is what happens when you side with one company over the other. You start pushing the goal posts to suit your own argument. So either you're supportive for timed exclusive content or your not. These double standards need to go away, they don't serve any purpose other than to divide communities.
Hicken  +   683d ago
The difference is that there's only been one GTA, so people are eagerly awaiting the next one. Having it as ANY sort of exclusive for one console would be huge when it comes to the next generation; it could well sway some people's purchases come this holiday.

Call of Duty, being a multiplayer-focused game, is a little different. People will get it for the console most of their friends are getting. That aside, it wouldn't surprise anybody- and thus not have the same type of swaying power- if it was timed exclusive or got similar content for next gen, because it's been happening all THIS gen.

And, again, why do I never see you go after anybody who could be considered a MS fan/fanboy?
Root  +   683d ago
"And, again, why do I never see you go after anybody who could be considered a MS fan/fanboy?"

because he is one...
MikeMyers  +   683d ago
I'm not the one advocating for timed exclusive games on one platform and then flip-flopping when it comes to a competing system. I'm also not pushing the goal posts further and further while the debate goes on. That's twice now you've responded and still ignored Destiny having exclusive content on the PS4 and being an Activision game. Or is that irrelevant because you say so?

According to you Activision loves money more than anyone even though they have signed an exclusive agreement for CoD already with Microsoft. Even though before that contract previous CoD games on the PS3 were the highest selling of all PS3 games. That contract was in the middle of 2010. CoD was already a huge franchise by then on consoles. Your whole point doesn't make much sense other than you'd prefer it not be because you don't want the series being favored on the next Xbox. I'm sure you'd be a little more positive if it were on the PS4. You have however said it would be huge if GTA was timed exclusive on the PS4. A series that used to actually have timed exclusive deals way back on the PS2.

"GTA huge on the PS4
CoD not gonna happen on the next Xbox"

My how our optimism all of the sudden changes depending on which system the 3rd party publishers favor over the other.
Upbeat  +   683d ago
WOW your 100% correct and u get two disagrees ? n4g for you!
ichimaru  +   683d ago
would rather MS invest in some other timed exclusive. actually Any other timed exclusive. I'm all Call of Duty'd out this gen and next gen
JeffGUNZ  +   682d ago
I am actually pretty eager to see what they will do with this game on a next gen engine.
Majin-vegeta  +   683d ago
If this were to happen.All Activision would be doing is shooting themselves in the foot and giving EA an upper hand.Most people wouldnt wait around for a game to release they would look for the next great shooter BF and let me tell you once you get a taste of BF little to no lag gameplay and awesome vehicle combat.Its hard to move away.
ichimaru  +   683d ago
im a hardcore bf3 fan, I'm actually going to hop on a clan server in a bit.
but you can't seriously say it has no lag. that's my only gripe with the game apart from the low framerate. when it comes to 24 players with jets,helos and tanks, framerate needs to be on point
Mikeyy  +   678d ago
You must be choosing your servers based on highest ping ichimaru, It's supposed to be lowest ping, BTW.

To be honest, lag is the LAST thing you have to worry about in Battlefield.

If you wan't to know what lag is, play BO2...
MoB21  +   683d ago
Why, because they know that people who primarily play Xbox is their target demographic (12 year old kids)?

RuleofOne343  +   683d ago
Some what risky ,crazy idea but not impossible. will just have to wait the remain 9 days to see what plans ,deals or partnerships have been formed between EA/MS & MS/Act.
rbluetank  +   683d ago
i hope it is not a timed exclusive. i will not support any third party exclusive this gen. Sony has alot of other fps that i will be buying/playing.
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Supermax  +   683d ago
Hello all destiny has exclusive content on ps4 however Microsoft could come out on may 21 and also say they have exclusive content with destiny like different dungeons or raids dost mean one or the other will be better.to me a exclusive is diablo 3 on ps4,wich is not comeing to next box.and always remember nothin beats a astronaut.
Belking  +   683d ago
CODG will be huge on the next gen xbox. I'm not that much of a fan of the series but the game sells like crazy when they release. Only 8 more days till the next xbox reveal. Good times for xbox gamers are coming.
Mikeyy  +   678d ago
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Sold:

12.20 Million - Xbox 360
10.17 Million - PS3

so. Does that extra 2 million sold really justify going exclusive to the 720?

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