The Next Xbox: 10 Announcements That Microsoft Won’t Make On May 21st

"Just as Sony unveiled their next generation console at a press event in February, Microsoft are poised to reveal the future of the Xbox brand on May 21st. Though Sony have won serious brownie points for their successful console reveal, they didn't quite give us all of the information we wanted though.

Obviously, they were saving back some of the juicier bits for E3, and we can expect Microsoft to pull a similar tactic with the Xbox 720. There's no doubt that the Xbox 720 reveal is something to look forward to but, on the off chance you'll be getting your hopes up, here are ten elements of the new console that might not be disclosed in May."

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GalacticEmpire1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

"Considering it will be at least a few months before the console is ready for release, it’s highly doubtful a final design has been decided yet for the Xbox 720."

MS made a very public and snarky comment about how the PS4 was not actually shown at the PS Meeting, if they don't show their console at theirs they are kind of making a fool out of themselves.

@insomnium - you're right there.

insomnium21866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

It isn't actually anything new. They made many public and snarky comments about PS3 only to turn around and implement them into their own console. HDMI, 1080p and mandatory install comes to mind.

HDMI and 1080p wasn't needed at first and Greenburg thought he made a funny comment about GTA4's mandatory install on PS3 only to have a game like Forza 3 launched and throwing an egg on his face.

RuleofOne343 1866d ago

You mean a Kinect like device , but it can't be called Kinect cause that would turn into legal issue so lets call it something that will make our fans think we are innovative, but yet were not .

minimur121866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

regarding the illumiroom, that wont be out for years.
did you see the video? the way its working it at the moment is with a kinect hardwired into a projector.
its still PROOF OF CONCEPT lol, wont be out for ages unfortunately.

Hardware? yes they will.
UI? yep. of course they will.
Bundles? obviously not.
Peripherals? up to a certain point, controller and kinect 2 they will. not much else though, like playstation did
Pricing, no shit they wont.
They will announce backwards comp.

ichimaru1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

? what 360 have you been playing? there are No mandatory installs. the reason ps3 has them is twofold.

first, because the ps3 only had 256megs of ram some devs had to code portions of the game twice even three times in some cases for data redundancy.

second, because the Blu-ray reads much slower than the traditional red laser wave legth

talisker1866d ago

"first, because the ps3 only had 256megs of ram some devs had to code portions of the game twice even three times in some cases for data redundancy."

Comment of the week!

LogicStomper1866d ago

"and mandatory install comes to mind."

Credibility went out the window.

xtremeimport1866d ago

well, i'll assume he means games that come with content on a separate disc that has to be installed.

You can usually play the game without doing this, but I can see what he's saying. Forza and Halo 4 are the ones I have experienced. Needing to install the multiplayer or car content.

Bigpappy1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I expect M$ will have a full Xbox reveal. By that, I mean that the device will be shown in it's entirety and it will have a name. E3 is only a few weeks later. Why hide it? They will touch on what's new with Kinect and show any changes to the controller. They will talk about BC, always on and the likes. Hardware spec will be revealed and some samples of games to come shown.

They will touch on almost everything non-game related, then expand on some of the bigger features and the games at E3.

No price until long after E3.

lots of stuff on integration and the use of Skype with special group features for gold users.

We will all be impress with some stuff and have lots of questions about others. But there will be a boat load of stuff. M$ has so much to cover. that I think they will have new stuff to show in Tokyo and other big events.

M$ always does it this way. Not expecting them to stick to what Sony did or even focus on it.

dantesparda1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

"first, because the ps3 only had 256megs of ram some devs had to code portions of the game twice even three times in some cases for data redundancy."

The devs dont code data on the disc 2 or 3 times because of the PS3's RAM, they do it because of the drives' speed. And the PS3 has access to 462 megabytes of RAM (512MB of RAM minus 50MBS for the OS, and for comparison sake, the 360 480MB [512 minus 32 for OS]) not 256MBs. Stop spreading this ignorant sh!t

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Belking1866d ago

"MS made a very public and snarky comment about how the PS4 was not actually shown at the PS Meeting, if they don't show their console at theirs they are kind of making a fool out of themselves."

Thats total BS. That was only Major Nelson, and while it came off a little snarky, it was sort of true. By you logic sony already made a fool of themselves by not showing theirs.

-Falaut-1866d ago

No no, there where many other "game journalist" clowns bringing up the fact that the box wasn't shown. ...and as the community face of a brand, you would think, he would've been a bit more classy. But the only thing he could take a pot shot at was that the box wasn't shown. Specs are awesome, features are awesome, software looks awesome...but no, lets shit on the fact that they didn't show the box.

" was sort of true." yeah, uh huh.

GalacticEmpire1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

True it was only Major Nelson but isn't he a spokesperson for the company? At least the Xbox division?

Your understanding of my logic is flawed. MS will make a fool of themselves for making public comments mocking Sony for not showing a console and then doing the exact same thing.

There's nothing inherently wrong with not showing a console but there is definite hypocrisy in mocking a competitors behaviour only to mimic that same behaviour weeks later.

MikeMyers1866d ago

You guys are taking all of this way too personal. Tretton badmouthed the 3DS, Kutaragi badmouthed the Xbox 360, Greenberg has badmouthed the PS3. Who cares? Does this stuff really bother you people? It doesn't change one iota of how much I enjoy my systems. If they want to be immature about them let 'em. If they feel attack ads work then go for it.

But I do agree, Major Nelson has put extra pressure now on Microsoft to actually show the system. He did make a semi-sarcastic comment about having a show about a new console without actually showing a console and then saying that's one way to do it. If Microsoft takes the same approach then the media will question them too like they did with the PS4. I don't get why choosing sides does anything.

unchartedxplorer1866d ago

I wouldn't really be worried by the hardware. Sony are very experienced when it comes to making reliable and appealing hardware

NeverEnding19891866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Tell that to my two PS3's sitting in a landfill.

Utalkin2me1866d ago


Sorry you had such bad luck. I'm still on my original phat PS3 with upgraded HDD. But it doesn't change the fact Sony is always under the electronics failures %. So we will go buy statistics rather then basing the % of your word.

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yugovega1866d ago

im sure they won't announce the next gens expected failure rate and extended warranty they will give you after it breaks 2 weeks in.

ichimaru1866d ago

so original. so edgy. you should write short stories

yugovega1866d ago

got to love the sarcasm people on here take things too serious.

1866d ago
Knight_Crawler1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Who approved this and why is labeled as article instead of opinion? This is just another hit seeking site that provides nothing new or interesting.

Just wait 9 more days people and you will get answers - instead of relying on rumors and speculations just wait for the real facts.

When May 21 comes and goes, you can either gloat with happiness or jump out of a window with hatred.

Edit: LOL at Galptic always the first to comment on 720 articles to stealth troll...May 21 you and your faction will be working over time on N4G :)

-Falaut-1866d ago

" and your faction..."

My goodness, even if that's true, you just added to the problem. Good job.

Urusernamesucks1866d ago

That happens ALL the time. Big deal

from the beach1866d ago

I don't expect a final release date and price but other than that all bets are off.

1866d ago
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