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IRB Gamer: "FUSE, Insomniac’s latest and first multi-platform title promises fast-paced action with emphasis on co-op to even the odds against Raven, the game’s baddies, and put a stop to their nefarious intentions. Earlier this week Insomniac released the demo for all to try for themselves. Will the successful development company strike another gold mine or will FUSE end up being unstable like the volatile alien material it’s named after?"

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BattleAxe1804d ago

This game will flop. The demo was nothing special. Insomniac need to get back to work on a new Resistance game, by taking the best aspects from all three Resistance games and putting them all into Resistance 4.

thirtyandnerdy1804d ago

Not sure if it'll flop, because people could dig the co-op, but to me the demo felt incredibly uninspired and very "been there done that". In short: kind of boring.

Mutant-Spud1802d ago

Meh,meh and thrice meh, I'll pick up fuse when it's on special, as others have noted, from the demo it's not awful but it's nothing to write home about either.
This could be the next "sleeper hit" like Bulletstorm or it could be the next Bodycount, I'm leaning toward the latter because on the face of it Bulletstorm had a lot more to offer than Fuse does.

Jacobster1804d ago

Demos are demos as we have not seen the multiplayer just yet which could be quite addictive

brich2331804d ago

The multiplayer is coop not competitive. So go ahead and invite your friends in the demo next time. It was lackluster but i will still give it a try.

ZILLA1804d ago

No 4 player co op games out there that are as fun as this.when the wepons upgrade to ratchet & clank levels this games gonna be SIIIIIICK!

TheFallenAngel1804d ago

I like Insomniac and I wish them the best but this game is meh. I played the demo and it wasn't that fun. But then again its just a demo and maybe the full game will be much better. Get back into making a proper sequel to Fall of Man insomniac.

overrated441804d ago

I think my biggest "problem" with this game is the fact that the first reveal of it as "Overstrike" gave the game such personality and something to really look forward to. And then the change to a more serious game and removal of the previous personality that Insomniac had injected in to what seems to be a run of the mill third person shooter. I like these guys and think they make great games, but their talent really shows through in the personality of the games and less so in the gameplay.

Parasyte1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I agree. I think this game would be better if they'd stuck to the original Overstrike premise that they showed at E3. The turn to a serious TPS just left me feeling meh.

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