Super Mario Bros. 2 Wii U VC Headed for North America

Nintendo launched the Wii U Virtual Console a couple of weeks back with the undeniably excellent Super Mario World. Nintendo have now confirmed that they will be furthering the service's Mario offerings with the release of Super Mario Bros. 2 in North America.

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DA_SHREDDER1834d ago

i hope they bring more than this

LOL_WUT1834d ago

I hope this is a weekly thing ;)

greenmeanie1834d ago

Is this the U.S. Super Mario Bros. 2, or the "lost levels" Japanese version?

skyluigi1834d ago

It's the US Super Mario Bros. 2.

greenmeanie1833d ago

Great, thanks! I definitely want this game then!

deafdani1834d ago

My favorite 2D Mario game of all time. Bring it on! :D

o-Sunny-o1833d ago

VC is the only excitement as of now for the Wii U for me. Earthbound was the most exciting news in the last Nintendo Direct. There was other good news but 3DS isnt the Wii U. I think Nintendo should just let you use 3DS games on Wii U. Why not? ^^

nintendofeed1833d ago

I suppose that's a good idea, it has worked before with the Gameboy and SNES. However, Nintendo would then be loosing money as 3DS systems aren't sold?