Ed Boon makes unofficial poll for Injustice DLC characters

NetherRealm Studios head Ed Boon is asking Injustice: Gods Among Us fans which DC character they'd like to see appear in the new fighter. In an unofficial poll, fans can choose their favorite Injustice DLC candidate.

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pompombrum1773d ago

Well at least this way we know they're actually supporting the game post release and not just taking content out of the main game to sell as DLC later.. Capcom could learn a thing or two from Boon and co.

optimus1773d ago

i would be all for the dlc if i wasn't expecting a game of the year version once they're done with the dlc like they did with mortal kombat 9... then again, they have so many characters they could add that a game of the year version may not arrive until next year...when they announce the inevitable injustice 2.

Klonopin1773d ago

Ed Boon always delivers.

Haules1773d ago

Screw the characters, I want him to fix the hit detection in this and MK9.