Gran Turismo 5 retrospective

Always a halo product for the PlayStation brand, Gran Turismo's reputation as the top-tier console racer has remained the same since its debut. Developer Polyphony Digital's not shy of reminding you of its status either, subtitling Gran Turismo 5 as the "real driving simulator." It wasn't quite received as such at launch, but Gran Turismo 5 maintained its godlike aura by virtue of its peerless handling simulation and that staggeringly vast 1,083-strong car catalogue.

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Larry L1834d ago

Nice little write up aside from a couple wrong facts (where is there an entire F1 season? lol), but I must say I was expecting more from a site that is typically more long winded. I like long well written articles, and if you're doing a retrospective on GT5....with everything that's happened, been added or changed in the game's lifetime, I was really expecting to spend like an hour reading this article I was about to click on.

They don't get into the game's tracks, the changes in 2.0 and then with the upgrades to standard cars. I just saw a post on GTPlanet yesterday where someone showed a pic of a standard model car when the game launched, and how the same car looks now after all the updates. The difference was even surprising to me, and I've been playing this game daily since day 1.

They don't get into the game's DLC era that didn't even start till a year after launch, nor do they get into the ups and downs of how often the game gets changes with updates like how on one update some time after 2.0, they did an update that made the car sounds SO much better. They were louder and more raw....then on the next update that amazing sound was taken away again and hasn't come back. I would have had a few paragraphs about the hacked car era which just got patched out of the game.

Like I said, good little editorial on GT5, but I'd hardly call it a retrospective....which I'd expect to be fairly in-depth. I'm sure there will be alot of these GT5 retrospectives coming down the pipe from damn near every site within the next couple weeks, so I'm sure there will be some really good and really bad ones I'm going to read. So I'll get my fill soon enough.

Qrphe1834d ago

Well said.

Are online hackers still an issue to many?

Cam9771834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

GT5 is such a good game. It was good hen it came out and thanks to PD's love, it is now a completely different entity. I played GT5 yesterday (following a long hiatus) and I was blown awy by the car graphics. Yes, the environments are a bit bland (which is a good area for improvement for GT6), but the cars look absolutely stunning.

I've had many fun-filled hours on GT5 on and offline; thus, it must be one of the games I've sunk the most hours in this game. We'll look back on GT5 in 10 years and love it.

I cannot thank PD enough for delivering the masterpiece that is GT5. The physics, the graphics and the variety of cars is phenomenal.

Narutone661834d ago

I like how the game always gift you with a car on your birthday. The model of the car depends on your birth year.

abzdine1834d ago

i love Gran Turismo this serie is huge and i buy every episode

Apocalypse Shadow1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

It may be a well-intentioned article but it starts off as a fail. If you are going to say that Gran Turismo is the Halo title for PlayStation, that would be false.Its more like Halo is trying to be the Gran Turismo of Xbox.GT was out before Halo was even created as a franchise.It won awards and sold millions.

No disrespect to the Xbox community.But at least show Polyphony Digital some respect.and not try to make GT a lesser than title.

Skips1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

True that. lol

PSSSH, the GT franchise has only sold like what??? Almost 70 million units!!!

Pretty sure GT is a larger franchise than Halo. lol Difference is Sony doesn't push one out every 1-2 years...

Jamaicangmr1834d ago

I think halo in that respect is referring to it being a sure fire hit, rather than saying it's the halo of the playstation brand as it would have to be the other way around.

Gran Tourismo has grown into a culture so to speak. it has made actual positive influences in the motor industry the world over. This isn't a racing game it's "The Real driving simulator"

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