Wii U goes mobile

There are three things we really like about the Wii U hardware here at Digital Foundry - its diminutive dimensions, the GamePad controller and its extremely low power draw. Nintendo's new console is the paragon of efficiency, producing current-gen visuals using less than half the power of the Xbox 360 or PS3 running the same games. It's small enough to pack into a travel bag, and its battery-powered controller means you can game on the move without requiring a bespoke display. All of which leads us to wonder - could Wii U actually be viable as a mobile games system?

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decrypt1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

"Nintendo's new console is the paragon of efficiency"

Its efficient in comparison to what? You cant compare it to the dinosaur tech in PS3 and Xbox 360, then go on calling Wii you a "paragon of efficiency".

Its an under powered system which is why it consumes less power. By that standard people should go on calling a Toyota Tercel "A paragon of efficiency" lol.

yugovega1806d ago

fanboy above me. underpowered? it runs the games I've bought for it very well. underpowered when compared to what? Nintendo does their own thing. it's like comparing a microwave to a toaster is you compare ps4 to wiiu. each serve their own purpose.

cayleee1806d ago

It is under powered. Integrated graphics like the Intel HD 4000 or AMD APU would leave the Wii U in the dust.

stuna11806d ago

And that's your arguement "Nintendo does their own thing"? Since when does Nintendo have what many would consider power heavy games in their systems? Two dimentional platformers don't count! And for the ones that do appear on their consoles, they're usally 3rd party offerings.

Before the WII U was released all anyone heard was how much better the Hardware was in contrast to what was availible, did they not forsee that Sony and Microsoft would also release Hardware that would also be more powerful to what was availible? It seem more like Nintendo released half cocked if you ask me! Also they were relying on the hopes that lightning strikes twice, in hopes that they were going to have a repeat performce like the WII.

Muffins12231805d ago

What?Decrypt is right...wiiu will be very under powered compared to the ps4, that's a fact.Only fanboys are going to deny that

Whymii1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Nintendo does do their own thing, to argue otherwise is ignoring facts. PS360 fanboys keep on harping about specs, whereas Nintendo fanboys argue about innovation. Truth is you're both right and you're both wrong.

Nintendo makes consoles that suit their own development needs and values. From a purely sales figures point of they haven't always been successful, but more often than not they have. Great games don't need to have hyper-realistic games to be great and the top twenty selling games according to vgchartz confirms this. Nintendo doesn't make FPS or GTA style of games, instead they make family friendly games and that's their choice. Just as it's your choice whether you buy their system to get access to their games.

So you don't like Nintendo style of games, that's fine because Sony, Microsoft and PCs may have what you need. Why then do the usual suspects above have the need to troll every wii u article and parrot the same old arguement? Surely if you were getting what you needed from your system of choice you wouldn't have the need to criticise others with your continual trolling.

ShinMaster1805d ago

So we can all agree that the Wii U is not part of the next-gen consoles (PS4/Nextbox) then.

Or are we only using the "Nintendo does their own thing" whenever convenient.

Whymii1805d ago

I would like to thank the trolls for proving my point. Same old specs, Mario and next-gen arguements and the usual accusations of Wii U owners being blind fanboys. Yeah right, that's why Wii u owners post on every PSNextBox article.

Face it, if you don't own a system or a game, yet feel the need to post negative comments against it in every article, then you're a troll. Pure a simple. That's why I don't post negative comments about PS4 and Nextbox, I don't own them yet and don't want to appear to be a trolling fanboy. But hey, don't let that stop you.

badz1491805d ago

if you think about the horrible load time

Bobby Kotex1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

You're the fanboy who has no sense of the truth. People like you are the reason why Nintendo lags so far behind. You're just an apologist who will support Nintendo no matter what they do... the definition of a fanboy. Have fun with your underpowered system.

Utalkin2me1805d ago

"each serve their own purpose." and that is to play games which is what both systems is about. Comparing a Microwave and Toaster is dumbest analogy i have seen. Neither one of them can do what the other one does. Unlike gaming consoles all doing the same thing "PLAY GAMES"

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PopRocks3591806d ago


Did you even attempt to bother to understand the context of the sentence?

"Nintendo's new console is the paragon of efficiency, producing current-gen visuals using less than half the power of the Xbox 360 or PS3 running the same games."

They're saying it's efficient because it plays the same games while generating much less power than its predecessor's HD competition.

ShinMaster1805d ago

Uhh... yeah that's exactly what he said. It's more efficient than Xbox 360 and PS3 because those are at least 7 years old.

How is what you pointed out any different than what he already said?

PopRocks3591805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )


Read the article, then both comments again. If you can't understand it by then, all I can tell you is you have terrible reading comprehension skills.

wolokowoh1805d ago

@ShinMaster,Even though you may understand this already I am going to explain exactly what it means. What they are saying is that Wii U is put together to maximum optimization at lesser specs. In other words Wii U can do more with 512 mb of it's RAM than PS3's 512 mb because of how it's put together to make it more efficient not because the system is more powerful. They're not saying it can do more because it's using new more efficient chips. If you understand this, then what you would be saying is that Nintendo had "7 years" to learn how to put parts together more efficiently than what PS3 and 360 did. However knowledge about how to combine parts for more efficient use hasn't changed all that much. What has changed is new parts can be combined to be more effiecient than previous ones, which is a fair point if that's the one you're making.

1upgamer991806d ago

Yes you can. When you look at how many people bashed it before it came out, and saying that it was not even as powerful as the PS3. The Wii U is a sleek and uses less power than any other system out there. I would never think about taking my PS3 on a long road trip, but I can my Wii U it fits nicely right under the back seat. Bash Nintendo all you want, I could care less. When it comes to their 1st party games, they are right up there with Sony. Sony and Nintendo hands down.

TwistedMetal1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

why put a wii u in your car when the 3ds haas the same games. monster hunter, nsmb, etc.

just play your handheld nintendo done in home consoles.

Realplaya1806d ago

Until the new systems come out it's more efficient than the current ones. I also suspect that it'll be more efficient than the new ones.

guitarded771805d ago

@ decrypt

"Efficient" and "powerful" are two completely different qualities with different definitions.

guitarded771805d ago

Here. When they are referring to efficiency they are talking about power consumption, which in general, and by Moore's law is the antithesis of high power.

Sorry I had to finish my comment later. My cat was bugging the hell out of me. Apparently she could see the bottom of her food bowl.

MoveTheGlow1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

"Its efficient in comparison to what?"

Jesus tap-dancing Jones, he even inserts the hyperlink to what he's referencing in the article, decrypt!

"You cant compare it to the dinosaur tech in PS3 and Xbox 360, then go on calling Wii you a "paragon of efficiency."

First off, apostrophes. Second, which nonexistent other system do you want Eurogamer to test in comparison? They can't release a thing about new devkits, nor would those be the same as the final products, so... yeah.

A "paragon" isn't a Highlander. There can be more than one. Let's see what happens next.

FamilyGuy1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

None of what you guys are saying is the point of THIS article. It's about playing current gen console graphics in a mobile environment.

Regardless of the generation it is, in this demonstration it's the cheapest, mobile version of current gen console graphics available today.

If I had a Wii-U I'd definitely be buying one of these adapters.

FamilyGuy1805d ago

Actually, this won't be true once the PS4 comes out, with it allowing for Vita remote play and all.

Once the PS4 is out and PS4 games are being played remotely on the Vita it will be the best looking graphics on a mobile device for it's price range.

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XXXL1806d ago

Remember when Nintendo was at the forefront of console design and games? They can't do both anymore?

LOL_WUT1806d ago

They haven't been that way for over a decade so what's your point? ;)

XXXL1806d ago

Point is Nintendo went wrong somewhere. They should be leading the pact not trailing a gen behind.

Whymii1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

If that was true then why did Sony and Microsoft scramble so desperately to implement motion controls?

As for games, look at the total sales of Nintendo games that supported motion control compared to MS and Sony.

The only 360 game in the top 20 is the motion control game Kinect Adventure! They're not my cup of tea, but you cant arque with success, particularly when MS and Sony were so desperate imitate Nintendo.

I'd also wait to see if the idea of having a screen in a controller takes off. Personally, as a wii u owner, I like it and it influences which console I play given that I share the TV with my family. I also like Black Ops 2 local multiplayer and not having to split a TV screen. Sony could possibly do similar with PS4 and Vita in the future...

Moonman1806d ago

I enjoy the Wii U (just needs more software ATM). What is up with fanboy comments about a console you don't own?

RAFFwaff1806d ago

i own a wii u and im getting the next xbox. then im gonna sit back and laugh at all the pointless bitching about whose consoles better, haha. one thing i would say though, is that the current games industry still needs the innovation and creativity of nintendo, and i think all gamers should back them in standing up to corrupt ea, who basically told nintendo to use origin or else....

cleft51805d ago

None traditional use of a console. There is definitely something of great value here that Nintendo should look into.

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