GameStop predicts $50 PS3/360 price cut writes, Video game retailer GameStop recently held a conference call to discuss its corporate earnings. In it, GameStop noted that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are bound for a price cut some time this year. They're predicting a $50 price cut for both machines (the PS3 would start at $349 if this prediction comes true). However, GameDaily notes that "they did not get that information from the manufacturers, however; it's merely the retailer's educated guess."

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celticlonewolf3594d ago

We all know its coming lol duh. Good gaming

BigKev453594d ago

Who cares, if you own both already?

bigman73873593d ago

um probably the people who don't own either or only both.

just a wild guess.

snoop_dizzle3593d ago

not every one can afford...or wants both.

foruntetly i am :)

Bazookajoe_833594d ago

Or perhaps November sometime?

RAF-TECH3593d ago

cuz i'm in need of some more hardcore games

Bazookajoe_833593d ago

Dont know an exact date, around july 20 give or take 10 days..

InYourMom3593d ago

MS price cut YES

Sony price cut NO

Why would Sony do another price cut? They don't need too.

fenderputty3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

when the 360 lowers it's price though. They're doing fine in Europe and Japan but, they need to penetrate the American market better. Plus ... lowering the price of the consoles means that the lower end models can start appealing to the masses more. Both consoles need to take some steam away from the freakin' Wii. The sooner both consoles come down in price, the sooner that can happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.