Five Funniest Jabs At A Rival Video Game Company

GP writer Jared discusses 5 different funny jabs between different video game companies through their games, advertising, and marketing.

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StraightPath1261d ago

Microsoft boat pulling out in a PS3 event is pretty funny and ambitious and cheeky of Microsoft.

Kevin Butler with his PS Move adverts was pretty funny dig at the Nintendo Wii. However it backlashed as Kevin Butler appeared in advert playing the Nintendo Wii and enjoying it!

NukaCola1261d ago

When I think of hilarious jokes I I think of Borderlands.

Utalkin2me1261d ago

Actually the Kevin Butler move commercial was a dig at MS Kinect and Nintendo...Pew Pew.

Irishguy951261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

"Pew pew pew"
1 gen later
And...we're stealing kinect.

Fanboy defense
"Sony had it first"

When KB slags kinect
"Haha so true"

But...doesn't that mean KB slagged Sony? And KB actually took a dig at the ones who went for a camera first?

Gotta love the defensiveness. Oh noes...More sony jabs than the rest!

Minato-Namikaze1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )


Sony never marketed the Eye as something that would replace the controller and become the future of gaming. It has always been something EXTRA that people can use if they so choose to.

Utalkin2me1261d ago

No i thought that was alot funnier then anything included in this article. I could care less if all 5 was jabs at Sony or anyone else for that matter as long as it was funny.

The crash commercial when he calls out Mario in front of Nintendos office was funnier then the stuff in this article.

Shnazzyone1260d ago

Just commenting here because the writer talked about the ad where sega makes fun of mario with sonic X-streem but completely left out the video. I dug it up.

DoomeDx1261d ago

Wowa. 3 out of 5 are jabs against sony.

Whats going on lol

_QQ_1261d ago

These aren't the only ones in history just the funniest.

PS3Freak1261d ago

People love to hate successful things.

Jealousy my friend.

PSNintyGamer1261d ago

Just like the vita right?

adorie1261d ago

Yep. Just like the Wii U.

ShinMaster1261d ago

Just like the majority of negative articles posted on this site have been.

ExCest1261d ago

Does it have to matter who it is against?

Does the existence of those jabs hurt you in any way?

They're intended to be funny/interesting and the author finds them to be 3 of the 5. No need to question why.

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Alos881261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

"Most of them are just funny little things or observations about the characters. When you get to Cloud and Sephiroth, however, things take a turn. With Cloud, she says all he does is mope around and is therefore an uninteresting character. She then goes on to say Sephiroth is supposed to be pretty popular, but he really isn't that attractive."

Had this come from a decent character it would've been funnier, but from "why am I even in this game?" Penelo it just comes off as hypocrisy to me.

TronEOL1261d ago

"Nintendo Is All Up In Sony's 3D Venture"

"Microsoft Has A Naval Battle With Sony"

"Pikachu Really Hates Sony"

So 3 of the 5 are all "against Sony".

How about the even more ballsy Crash Bandicoot going to Nintendo's office and calling out Mario for a PlayStation commercial.

Or during the PS4 announcement (PlayStation Ethos trailer) when Sony directly called out Microsoft by saying "We didn't build a box, We built the most amazing place to Play".

I think those are more substantial than Pikachu freaking out about Sony, Microsoft trying to derail a PS3 launch, or Nintendo piggy-backing on Sony's 3D push.

ShinMaster1261d ago

The box comment was probably also a jab at Nintendo. Because when they announced the Wii U and showed the GamePad, journalists asked Reggie about the console itself and he Saud not to worry about it "it's just a box".

Utalkin2me1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Don't forget Kevin Butlers move commercial making fun of Kinect and Wii controls...Pew Pew.

r211261d ago

Shame on the author for not including Crash jabbing at Mario and InFamous 2's RRoD store jab at MS.

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