ArmA 3: Even butterflies cast shadows

Initially spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun the guys at PC Games Hardware checked out Ambient Life of ArmA 3 even further and made a video that shows the mighty possibilities of the Splendid Camera feature and the shadows that may be casted by small insects like butterflies or bees.

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Elite_7371652d ago

Now, if only the landscape itself would cast dynamic shadows. Even if you are laying on the shaded side of a mountain, you are still bright as if you were standing in the sunlight, which makes it much easier to spot people laying down on a hill 500 meters away.

DoomeDx1652d ago

Who is this approved? This is just some gameplay by a german gamer.

arbitor3651652d ago

"Even butterflies cast shadows"

that's deep, man

gedapeleda1652d ago

Even butterflies cast shadows
The reflex shines bright
Red dot in the circle
Hollows in the light

yugovega1652d ago

how does butterfly shadows help games play better and become more fun?

pompombrum1652d ago

By making it more immersive.

papashango1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Arma is about realism. Not fun as it's a simulator. Realism is fun for some people. Whatever makes it more immersive makes the experience more believable. Hence more fun for the people the game was made for. the more realistic and immersive they make Arma the more fun it is for ME.

Arma is not a game meant for the CoD or Battlefield crowd. There's a reason why Bohemia Interactive is perfectly fine with selling a few hundred thousand copies of this game. It's a niche title

Jovanian 1652d ago

believe it or not the immersive quality of a game is a fun factor for a lot of people...

one of my favorite things about metro 2033 is how immersive it is especially when played without the HUD

CGI-Quality1652d ago

Seems you completely missed the point of this.

orakle441652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

That video made me fire up steam and go dl'ed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.