Star Trek Review [Capsule Computers]

Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "Resident Evil 5 was and still remains to be one my favorite games of all time. Sure, it has its critics, but the co-op experience in my opinion has been unmatched, and even with a computer player controlling Sheva, I still had a fantastic time. Why am I comparing that game to something like Star Trek? Well, Star Trek has been promoted as a co-op driven adventure in space, where players take control of Kirk and Spock with a brand new storyline in tow. Maybe it was my own expectations here, but I kind of thought of this release as Resident Evil 5 in space. Digital Extremes have been known for putting out some decent romps on consoles before, and there was a lot of reason to be hyped for this game - licensed or not. Does this game live long and prosper, or should it be fed to the Gorn? "

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masterabbott1834d ago

such a pitty i was actually looking forward to playing this game.

fattyuk1834d ago

meh not fussed by reviews will still pick it up when it's cheaper,

SITH1834d ago

I rented this on gamefly, and it was back in the mail the next day. It is boo boo. I had high hopes for it.

d0nni31834d ago

To say Tesco who are normally pretty cheap for launch games, are selling this for £50, it's borderline criminal the game is shocking