This OS could turn Google Glass into a game device

Gamasutra: "A San Francisco start-up has launched a real-world operating system that it hopes will soon serve as a visual layer for wearable computing devices such as Google Glass."

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ltachiUchiha1770d ago

Thats pretty cool. I can see alot of accidents happening because of focusing too much on the the things layed out. If mobile phones cause millions of accidents, I can see this being worse but its definitely a cool tech.

Simon_Brezhnev1770d ago

I have to agree i see a lot of accidents.

DeadlyFire1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I don't know really. Seems pretty cool to me. Driving and tap the air to answer the phone for example or sending a text by typing in the air. No fumbling for a device. So you are not as distracted as you would normally be if you tried texting while driving.

This OS has alot of potential for future applications in phones, and other areas.

I have a question of how this will be considered for say a next generation console maybe? I noticed the Dekko site has May 9th on it and titled expect some news soon. We could see a headset mirrored with Kinect or PSMove to implement an at home version of this, but on the go I believe is still years away.

Snookies121770d ago

Ari anyone? Heavy Rain? Lol.

R00bot1770d ago

When this comes out I can't wait to see all the people wearing google glass staring at walls.

jXales1770d ago


dunno if i want to have a device mapping the inside of my life that can saved by a corporation and used by 3rd parties.

That's the problem with facebook and google.
The amount of info those two companies have on people is ridiculous.