The DJ Podcast Episode 109 - The next Xbox to be called "Infinity"?

Boosty from DJ Podcasts writes "On this week’s podcast Episode 109, we discuss the news stories from the video gaming industry. We discuss rumors of the next Xbox indeed being called “Infinity” and we also discuss the leaked memo that shuts down the Always Online rumors plus a whole lot more. Also, in true podcast style we take your reader mail questions and give a shout out to the fans. So sit back, and remember "to Infinity, and Beyond! The DJ Team."

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yugovega1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

update: xbox to be called doomed and outdated specs on n4g may 21.

going to love all the doomed articles

1840d ago
rbluetank1840d ago

this might be the first are second time i heard you guy's/girl's show. it is pretty good. i will be looking forward to hearing from you guy's in the fututre. keep up the good work!

Games_R_Us1839d ago

Cheers rbluetank, we'll be doing a show next week right after the Xbox Announcement, so look for that then, or for all previous shows, head to


rbluetank1839d ago

i will look forward to you guy's/girls in the future... you are on my favorite as of today.