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Submitted by Lavalamp 1006d ago | opinion piece

Quality Ignored: Why Hardcore Gamers Should Embrace PS Vita

NowGamer: "The marketing might have failed but that doesn't make the PS Vita a bad console." (PS Vita)

jujubee88  +   1006d ago
Playstation VITA means quality gaming.
Well, to me at least. :)
sherimae2413  +   1006d ago
and...... also to me atleast ^_^
Yi-Long  +   1006d ago
It's not a bad handheld by any means...(pretty damn good actually)
...however, Sony made some very stupid decisions, especially with the expensive memory-cards and allowing only 1 account.

Also, the games I'm personally most interested in, the Ninja Gaiden port and Persona 4, are both missing the original japanese voices, which automatically means I won't buy them. Sadly.

I'm sure I'll pick a Vita up some day, but at the moment there isn't really a reason yet for me to do so.
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jujubee88  +   1006d ago
Hell yeah, Sherimae! :O

Meh, pick it up anyways. I say. ;)
Th4Freak  +   1006d ago
Storms can't be prevented, DDOS attacks and a unestable online platform can be prevented with enough investment.


@Kayant Ironically you're the one who doesn't know about the subject. FYI there are companies that offer services to avoid DDOS attacks, this is done by node migration, it works like this:

Internet--->>Node1----- >>[PSN]

If Node1 is under attack and then the traffic is migrated to a new node:

..........-->>Node2---- -
Internet-----Node1--XX -->>[PSN]

And if Node2 is also taken down it will migrate to Node3 and goes on, and there are companies like Verisign that offer services way more sofisticated where when the DDOS attack is detected the malicious traffic is redirected to a new node before it reaches the client server.

And the migration isn't also a problem because they work through GRE tunnels so its extremely fast. Now at least you have been watching way too many Hacker movies you should know that there aren't simply that many bots to take down more than 5 or 7 nodes at the same time, the amount of bots required would be insane.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   1006d ago
(Not at you in particular but in general.)
Look.....I do not know where people come up with Sony being greedy. Sony took nearly a 300$ loss on the $499 SKU on launch and a $220 loss. Yes the memory cards are expensive but still the VERY SAME people who b*t%*
about the PsVita and Ps3 are also the people who flock out to buy Apples iPhone 5 that is ridiculously over-priced with out of date duel-core CPU and poor screen resolution when compared to other phones. (At the time, HTC Droid DNA, SGS3.) Double standards people. The Vita needs more killer apps, GT maybe even GTA and not ports but Sony are not being greedy. The memory cards are a way of making the Vita a tiny bit profitable.
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Inception  +   1006d ago
"the Ninja Gaiden port and Persona 4, are both missing the original japanese voices"

Atlus never give dual dub in any Persona game for the west, except P4 Arena because ArcSys always had dual dub in their fighting games. Besides, Persona 4 english dub are really good imho.
NewMonday  +   1006d ago
Gravity Rush is a great game, just got around to playing it and it was a very pleasant surprise for me.
Th4Freak  +   1006d ago
@Gimmemorebubblez The PSV isn't selling at loss and isn't even close, actually they're using the PSV profits to cover the PS3 loss ( ), this isn't anything new, it happend with PSP and PSP GO ( ), they start selling at the highest price point and lower it later. So there's no excuse for such overpriced micro sd rip off, I'd agree with you if the PSV were selling at loss but thats not the case, they're actually making more money than people think.

P.S: I've never bought an Apple product in my life and my current phone is a Galaxy Note 2.
abc1233  +   1006d ago
@Yi-Long If you have PS+ then you can easily make up the cost of the memory card and then some. Sony could have introduced a separate PS+ service for Vita and been greedy but they didn't, so even though the memory card prices may seem extortionate at first, spending your money on the 16GB/32GB can be justified. Agree on locking to one account though, that was stupid.
insomnium2  +   1006d ago
Isn't the Vita's memory card like much more expensive to produce cause it's not a universal model?

Isn't the Memory card in Vita NOT a universal model because of what happened to PSP (ie raped by pirates)?

Yes on both of those? Okay then so what's the problem?

It cost me 20€ for a 8gig card. 20 euros! Is 20 euros something to bitch about really?
Sam Fisher  +   1006d ago
Dude its not the 8gb one, its great but what a big jump with the 16 gb and 32 gb mem cards, 50$ and 100$ thats a bit too much
FamilyGuy  +   1004d ago
I know I'm in a minority on this but I plan to get a Vita after the PS4 remote play service with the system is launched. Showing off my PS4 games and whatever other media it lets me is something that will strongly influence my purchase intent.

At the moment I just don't have much use for it, I don't commute and don't want to carry it around at work where it could break or be stolen.
SandWitch  +   1006d ago
Isn't it funny when a handheld which according to the press "haz no gamez" ends up with three GOTY nominees out of four.

Those who want outdated hardware and many great games should pick up PSP. Those who seek for future proof hardware with established network, media functions and quality games should get PS VITA. Sorry 3DS, but there's no space for you in my heart
kayoss  +   1006d ago
It sickens me to see game such as candy crush and angry birds get so much attention. But game such as gravity rush and soul sacrifice get over looked. Sony need to stop making ports and starting making exclusives for the vita. Give gamers a reason to buy a vita, don't give them an option. Why would any ps3 owner buy a game for a vita if they can play it on the ps3? Tell the gamers if you want to play this game then you have to have a vita. The vita is worth every penny contrary to people complaining its too expensive. Granted the memory cards is expensive, but you only to need to buy it once. Probably like many other ps vita owners out there, I use my vita at least 3 hours a day. For gaming, Netflix, Facebook, or browsing the Internet.
I believe a gran turismo game or a monster hunter game can actually get the ball really rolling.
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Inception  +   1006d ago
Oh come on mate, 3DS also had good quality games like Fire Emblems, Zelda OoT, Liberation Maiden, or Crimson Shroud. And Shin Megaten IV, Link to the Past 2, and Bravely Default also my most anticipated games for 3DS. There's enough quality games for 3DS (and Vita) that worth a space in your heart :)
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SandWitch  +   1006d ago
I know there are many great games on 3DS. But once you go Vita you can't go back. Gorgeous looking games, OLED screen, good controls, trophies...
NewMonday  +   1006d ago
getting a 3DS as as Ace Attorney 5 comes out, I can wait for everything else but not that one.

3DS and Vita are all compelling handhelds because each has must have exclusives.
TongkatAli  +   1005d ago
Not getting a 3DS ever. Getting a 23,000 dollar car on Tuesday and really happy with my Vita. I'm not missing out when I have the better handheld and don't care for 3DS games.
Firan  +   1006d ago
You really should try 3DS games especially Fire Emblem if you're into the genre.

DS was a haven with niche RPGs and 3DS seems to go the same direction.

I don't own a Vita yet but I really want it. I'm just waiting for a big game that suits my tastes. Then I'll get Soul Sacrifice and finally play those PS+ games lol.
TongkatAli  +   1005d ago
Top 5 Vita games in my opinion in no order

Gravity Rush
Sound and Shapes
Persona 4 Golden
Dj Max Technika Tune
Need For Speed Most Wanted

You can put wallpapers on the Vita. I have many sexy women wallpaper : D
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Satirical  +   1005d ago
To downplay the greatness of the 3DS just to pledge fake allegiance to the vita is pure ignorance. Vita and 3DS are both compelling handheld devices. I personally prefer the 3DS because It has more games that I actually want to play, including Fire Emblem.

I really don't understand it when people bash the 3DS in favor of the vita. Is it a case of denial or just plain jealousy?
Th4Freak  +   1006d ago
Just wait for E3.
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RTheRebel  +   1006d ago
Hah with those outrageous PS Vita memory card prices I aint buying.
Chaos_Raiden  +   1006d ago
I will most likely buy a Vita soon for it's great exclusive and multi-platform games, such as Persona 4: Golden, Soul Sacrifice, Killzone: Mercenary, Gravity Rush, Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta, Ragnarok Odyssey, Muramasa Rebirth, Phantasy Star Online 2, and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.

Should even more Japanese games like Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth, God Eater 2, Ciel Nosurge Re:Incarnation, Malicious Rebirth and Corpse Party: Blood Drive are localised in English, that would be awesome as well.
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Hanso  +   1006d ago
cant wait myself for Ys Celceta!
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1006d ago
It is a shame people don't seem to want to give it a chance. It is too expensive for some people but to those people I say get on ebay and you can find one for £150 which is a bargain really. Memory cards though are a rip off so I agree with that.
The gaming media really don't seem to help it though, they almost always have negative things to say about it (looking at you IGN) and most gamers just think meh I'll skip it then.
I mean look at Soul Sacrifice, IGN hyped it up to max and then gave it a neutral review, stuck a 7/10 on it and then did a video about it not being Vita's much needed "killer app"
Stuff like that puts people off.
I'm sure there are tons of people out there that would love their Vita if they just picked one up and stopped listening to all of the naysayers. If you already have a 3DS then that's great it has great games on it but so does the Vita and the Vita does things the 3DS hardware is'nt capable of.
Heck it's worth it to play your favourite PS1 games on the Vita's beautiful screen, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Dino Crisis, Twisted Metal, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot etc. so much easier on the eyes. Then you have some great exclusives such as Gravity Rush, Lumines, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Ragnarok Odyssey and Soul Sacrifice plus all of the great ports from console Need for speed, Dead or alive 5, Ninja Gaiden, Persona 4 and so on.
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Sanquine90  +   1006d ago
I really hate ING playstation for that one! First greg : Gravity rush is amazing ( Gravity daze) then with the review he is stating that he did not expect this sort of game and that is why he give it a 7,5. Then Soul sacrifice first praising it because it is made by the maker of Megaman and blablalba score> 7,7... Next victim killzone mercenary, dragons crown, tear away and a lot more to go
tndtloveu  +   1006d ago
If sony uses microSD card in ps vita, then nobody would complain. Sony tries to push digital content, but the memory card prevent it from happening.
and also, ps vita comes out at the time that smartphone is in almost everyone's hand, so the need of holding the other handheld console is unnecessary. It is a really different situation than psp.
Game0N  +   1006d ago
Honestly. the Vita isnt that expensive if you have a job. The pricey memory cards could be a problem even for the working individual just cos it's absurd but other than that, you're getting a really competent and powerful machine. Games like Gravity Rush, P4G, Soul Sacrifice and SoundShapes are amazing experiences that can't be missed. I know these games get mentioned all the time but there's a reason for that.
soonic7  +   1006d ago
Exactly, although that i really want a PSV, i don't have a job, and to get a Vita with a decent memory card i have to pay 300$ and still not owning a single game. Once i get a job i will be sure to get a one. but right now i will stick with my PS3 (which i can barley afford games for it).
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Game0N  +   1006d ago
If you have PS Plus, you're gonna have a couple of free vita games already to start. Gravity rush and uncharted are free atm. There are always alternatives, for example I bought mine on ebay from a dude who bundled it with several accessories for only about $190
soonic7  +   1005d ago
WOW 190$, although I don't have that mount of money right now, it is still a very good deal.
BuffMordecai  +   1006d ago
I think a lot of hardcore gamers have embraced the vita, its everyone else that doesn't even know it exists.
Hicken  +   1006d ago
A lot of hardcore gamers have also bashed it, which is pretty ridiculous.

The non-hardcore is fine, for now; if Sony starts marketing it to them and they know nothing about it even then, THEN there can be some issues. But some folks- around here, particularly- seem to think that when you're marketing towards the core/hardcore only, the casuals should, somehow, be buying your product up.

In any case, it's a great device, with great games, and what appears to be a great future ahead of it. People are, as usual, hung up on all the wrong things, though.
SpinalRemains  +   1006d ago
I love the Vita too. I think most who own one do. It's just capable of what no other handheld is, and that's great.

It is however, lacking some titles we would all love to see. Couple that with the absurd dedicated memory card, in an age where memory cards are the one universal non headache, and you have a problem.

I think the device is actually cheap when compared to anything Apple makes. Its not expensive, guys. The memory card makes it more expensive, but you get every penny worth because it's a beast of a system. Im hoping PS4 integration will be sweet.
DivineAssault  +   1005d ago
They should embrace it.. Vita can evolve into something so much more awesome if more ppl accepted it.. Sony needs to drop the damn price because if ppl see that PS3 costs the same, they will be more hesitant to buy it.. Its a handheld gaming machine that only the core crowd will buy at that price

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