Battlefield 4 Survey Contents Revealed – More on BF4 Multiplayer

MP1st - "A few weeks ago, we reported on a Battlefield 4 survey put into circulation by Electronic Arts that suggested a number of possibilities for the title like naval warfare, a dino-survival mode, dynamic environments, new weapons and classes, and much more.

While we received confirmation from EA that the survey is official, many of us have yet to see its actual contents. Luckily, MP1st readers have brought to our attention some images of the survey, revealing it in full."

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Nitrowolf21809d ago

I really hope they do dynamic battle correctly, and not tacked on.

Swiggins1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Naval Battles, Melee Weapons, Dynamic battlefields...epic

jocomat91809d ago

hopefully the player count is the same on ps4 as it is with pc

coolmast3r1809d ago

sure it is. 64 players is a perfect number of players for a battlefield game.

bumnut1809d ago

Id prefer more than 64 players, Im hoping for 128 players.

If you think 64 players is best, you could stick to 64 player servers. I will feel let down if the PC player count does not increase.

DeadManMcCarthy1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Can't wait, BF3 is still amazing. Hopefully they have perfected all the flaws with BF4. I was lucky enough to get BF3 for free, and I'm so glad I did.

FRAKISTAN1809d ago

was it the origins code glitch?

DeadManMcCarthy1809d ago

Nah man, it was a legit CD key that I got for Origin. Some generous guy on the EA battlefield forums was giving away free CD keys back when the game was still brand new, and I was one of them.

tee_bag2421809d ago

I hope they include at bot mode like the old BF's. Its nice to be able to practice and frag bots sometimes.

Swiftcricket1809d ago

Same here I've been wanting this feature back more than anything.

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