Watch Dogs multiplayer mode will have element of invasion

The multiplayer component of Watch Dogs will have an element of player invasion, though its overall extent and direction has yet to be described by Ubisoft. Dominic Guay, Senior Producer at Ubisoft Montreal, insisted that the game can be played "completely offline if you want." (Expect to hear that protection phrase often in the wake of SimCity.)

In multiplayer, Watch Dogs will use the near-future version of Chicago just as it is in single-player. "We are not making any compromises in terms of dynamism or interactivity," Guay said at a San Francisco press event earlier this week. Connecting with other players will be seamless in the developer's attempt "to start breaching the wall in action-adventure between single- and multiplayer."

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Donnieboi1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

For all u guys who wondered if Watch Dogs can be played 100% without having to go online--yes, it can be played fully without online, thanks to this interview.

EDIT: Plus if u do go online, u can do cool stuff using your own actual cell-phone (in real life) pertaining to the game.

Irishguy951535d ago

YEah it seems like this game is made for online, it will improve it so much. Definitely will be online for me. Seems like turning off online in this is turning off Online in Demons/Dark souls

WeskerChildReborned1535d ago

I'm interested in the idea and glad you can play without any interuptions. Interested in seeing what the gameplay would be like.

-GametimeUK-1535d ago

I am getting more and more excited for this game. I hope it delivers.

r211535d ago

I'll probably use this... to not troll people. Nope, not at all.

weekev151535d ago

Sorry, that disagree was me scrolling down the screen on my phone.

elhebbo161535d ago

i agreed all of you guys to up the mood.

Drainage1535d ago

i doubt any of you fools can spy on me before i figure you out and come from behind you when you least expect it and put you to sleep

Donnieboi1535d ago

Lol it's a bet. See u online this fall.

trenso11535d ago

Good to know I can play it offline, I'll just do the story first then go online and see what happens so excited for this game

bluetoto1534d ago

yep, that's the same plan I used for the soul series and will implement it here as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.