Kirby’s Adventure Retro Review I Play Legit

Ms. Throwback of Play Legit Writes "After a short lunch nap Kirby awakens from a dreamless sleep to find King Dedede has stolen the star rod."

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zdkapl1837d ago

3.5/5 Blasphemy! Kirby is my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, my brother in arms, my... you get the picture.

jonniethm1837d ago

I only gave it a lower score because they didn't add any extras for the new release on Wii U. Sorry my friend.

admiralvic1837d ago

How does that make any sense? It was 30 cents (at launch)... did you expect it to be in HD with online multiplayer and extra levels? I think getting a game of this quality for .30 is enough for a 8.5+/10.

3-4-51836d ago

So now we are rating games based on not having extras instead of just focusing on what they did make ?

How does that make any sense ?

Not a horrible score though. 3.5 is respectable