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Submitted by Breadcrab 934d ago | opinion piece

Infamous: Second Son's retcon is sloppy

"I think we all know what was racing through the minds of us Infamous fans when Infamous: Second Son was announced for the PS4. "How exactly does this guys have super powers?"

It was a fair question, seeing as one of the endings to Infamous 2 resulted in the the complete eradication of all conduits (the folks with super powers) on the planet. At that point, we were eagerly anticipating what rabbit Sucker punch would pull out of their hat as an explanation. Perhaps some new experiment or device would come along and bestow superpowers to select people. Perhaps Second Son would make Infamous 2's evil ending canon and just work off of that. Or maybe aliens. Or radioactive corn flakes, or something.

However, none of those are the case. Yesterday, we got the official explanation via a GameInformer story..." (inFamous 2, inFamous: Second Son, PS3, PS4)

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JoGam  +   934d ago
Just be happy we get to play this new game of the series on the PS4.
Breadcrab  +   934d ago
Looking forward to a game doesn't mean you can't also discuss its problems, whatever they may be.
SoapShoes  +   934d ago
Yeah but how is this exactly a problem with the story? It actually happens all the time! Look at Sonic Adventure 2: Shadow dies at the end... But he was known to be saved in future games. It didn't ruin the ending to SA2 at all. It was still dramatic and sad.
Baka-akaB  +   934d ago | Well said
Discussing what problems ? You dont even know yet how it will be presented to you IN GAME . All you guys have is some resume in an article , hardly the whole , encyclopedic and definitive picture .
DragonKnight  +   934d ago
What I'm curious about though is, considering that Cole was probably the most powerful conduit in the world at the time, could it be possible that he DIDN'T in fact die since we are being led to believe that the RFI wasn't as powerful as we thought? Wouldn't it be cool for Cole to make a sudden appearance at the end of Second Son as a cliffhanger? We wouldn't even have to play as Cole in a 4th game, just have him as a story device.

I'm just a fan of Cole because I think Lightning Powers are awesome. LOL.
Conzul  +   934d ago
It was powerful enough to wipe out the plague, but not necessarily powerful enough to kill every Conduit.
infamousinfolite  +   934d ago
I'll play the game, however, because I want to see how this character, Delsin Rowe, plays out in this game but the story ah! I don't know let's see how it plays out.
1Victor  +   934d ago
can we at least wait till we or someone else finished the game to start talking about plots hole. THE GAME ISN'T FINISHED YET,
BattleAxe  +   934d ago
Go eat some bread....crab.
trenso1  +   934d ago
Yea i agree how could more conduits be around if they were wiped out in the ending they chose to continue with. But it's interesting to think about, what if the conduit gene is recessive so when two people with a recessive gene have a kid they may get that gene which is why more conduits have been emerging, how they got their powers with out it being activated by something like the ray sphere could be explained by saying since everyone in infamous 2 who was exposed to the ray sphere either died. (Due the conduit gene) or were saved from the plague. This affected their children who had the conduit gene having it being activated at birth. This is just my random idea
TheThing  +   934d ago
"Infamous: Second Son's retcon is sloppy"

"How exactly does this guys have super powers?"

whenever i see this game i think of DmC. a young adult punk with super powers who has a beef against authority and the stranglehold of urban city life, not to mention who laughs in face of danger... very original.

what i find funny is that people are actually hyped over the same idea. it must be because it's exclusive, and the visuals.
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dendenmooshi  +   934d ago
@TheThing That's a very pessimistic way to look at it. In fact, I'm pretty sure most types of characters have been used in games. Not much is original anymore. Space Marine-badass. done. Silent save-the-world hero, done. Narcissistic charmer, done. Young punk. Done.

It's not the character that makes the game. It's the execution of the character, gameplay, story etc. A few plot holes isn't going to break the game. BTW, I believe most of the hype comes from a second son being a next addition to an already successful series.
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Canary  +   933d ago
True enough, but it seems silly to complain about stupid writing in a Sucker Punch game. It has -never- been something they've been particularly skilled at.
morganfell  +   933d ago
Plenty of games had multiple endings or multiple choices and the next game in the series picked one of those choices and made it canon.

Look at Splinter Cell. Depending on the version you had a choice in Double Agent whether or not to save Irving Lambert. I saved him every time I played that game. But along comes Splinter Cell Conviction and they said, "Nah, you chose for him to die."

And I ran with that. It is the nature of games that they can't make them just for some people. These people at kaboomshark bedroom analysis are just looking for an excuse to attack the game and now they think they have found one.

BISHOP-BRASIL  +   933d ago
First, considering that the only thing separating humans and conduits is one rare gene it's perfectly plausible that conduit gene and habilities is a recessive trait, if given enough time, this mutated characteristic would naturally rise again within the human population so the presence of conduits itself is not a plothole, the timeframe (only 7 years after Infamous 2) could be.

Also, the Ray Sphere and (likely, considering they seen to be similar tech) the RFI both have limited reach and power... Nix, for instance, was enpowered in the outer blast of the Ray Sphere explosion that made Bertrand what he is, where even conduits are supposed to die (as the one in the center would suck their powers). Obviously chances are it wouldn't kill all conduits, just like it wouldn't wipe the whole plague. Now, I can see a plothole if conduits survived but the plague is gone, but no one said that, all we know from the article is that some conduit survived, SP is yet to talk about the plague, if they say it's still there it's no plothole, but a turn of events most people didn't see coming, everything Cole did would had been worthless.

But, of course, I'm assuming a lot here... Let's wait and see. There's plently of ways to make COnduits survive in the story without creating plotholes.
Novistador  +   933d ago
SoapShoes.. If you are comparing any games story to any Sonic game then you know you are in trouble.
cannon8800  +   934d ago
I just came home and was a little bit tired, and when i read the title I seriously thought it said "Infamous: Second Son's rectum is sloppy." no joke.
Campy da Camper  +   934d ago
Agreed. I'm biased however because I am not one to sit and piece a story together. I get the overall jist of a games story and pretty much let it go at that.

Metal gear is one of my favorites but I cannot tell you how many different "snakes" there are I.E. old, new, young whatever. I know there is a "big boss" but could not tell you where he came from.

I just don't care about story arcs in games. I love a good book but when I turn my console on I'm all about gameplay. I can easily tell you the bullet drop on a sniper rifle or the walking patterns of enemies and I explore every inch of a games map.

I put 200 hours into fallout NV and all I can cite you story wise is I went to Vegas and some Mr hand guy was killed by me then I killed these Roman looking guys and some robot followed me everywhere I went.
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Tony-Red-Grave  +   934d ago
big boss=naked snake
solid snake is a clone
liquid snake is solids "twin" also a clone
solidus is a PERFECT clone. not that complicated trolol XD
saint_seya  +   934d ago
Im with u #i like to have some story, yet i care more to that game in particular, i don care about plot holes or such, if i want that i go for a movie XD
Campy da Camper  +   933d ago
@tony. I'm not trolling at all. I love metal gear but holy cow the story is complicated. People were debating about how David hayter can't to the voice for mgs5 cause soon old snake meets new snake then one is a clone so how can their dad have the same voice?. I'm just like herp derp where's my box to crawl around in. I LOVE metal gear but I admit it I skip through the cut scenes. Its all about just playing one of the greatest stealth action activecamo third person shooters.
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wolokowoh  +   933d ago
@Campy da Camper If you skip through the cutscenes, that is why you don't get. Old Snake would not meet New Snake or any of that BS in Ground Zeroes/MGS5 we know this because Solid Snake(the clone) is Old Snake and Solid Snake has meet Big Boss several times. Even with Solid Snake's advanced aging(which got much worse in 2007), he would not old enough to meet Big Boss in Ground Zeroes when has literally 3 years old. There would not be a conflict of interest for David Hayter who has voiced Big Boss in the past.
WeskerChildReborned  +   933d ago
Ikr, it's gonna be badass.
showtimefolks  +   933d ago
So the game isn't out we don't know he story so chill out

Also same people would be mad if sucker punch made infamous 3 with cole and now that we are getting a new hero in a new world why are we questioning something we know very little about

3 infamous games and 3 different worlds
Most game series trilogies or throughout the story world remains the same

Sucker punch are so under rated, infamous second son is my reason for buying ps4 at launch
FamilyGuy  +   933d ago
Dragon Knight basically just explained this below.

All conduits were killed but more people with the genes to become super powered were born. It even states in the game informer info the this new guys powers came about naturally, just like Cole's would have if the ray sphere hadn't sped up the process.

The gene must've laid dormant in him or his parents so they survived. Then it grew in him and others like him, coming out naturally like on xmen, and also like on xmen, caused panic, fear and a very over-bearing police force to pop up, fight them, monitor them and put them and put them in internment camps.
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Kal-El-001  +   933d ago
Sheeple talk just conform except any ol shit. fuck being creative and making new games
THE-COMMANDER  +   933d ago
You are absolutely right.
T3MPL3TON  +   933d ago
They should have just started a new story. You can't use either of the endings from the second game and not basically take a massive dump all over everything you've established. They clearly state that EVERY conduit would be gone. This recessive gene nonsense doesn't work. It's still a conduit. Awakened or not you still have the power. You would have died.
Nitrowolf2  +   934d ago
Eh honestly it isn't that hard to comprehend the good ending being canon and Second Son's being possible. I mean in every single cartoon, tv show, ect ect that says "Yeah this will kill the entire race" eventually ends up being false due to survivors clinging onto their lives. I'm okay with how they are going with this.

They never said all conduits died, just reports of them dying all over the world. Who's to say that this didn't amplify some their powers to? I'm sure they'll explain this more.

Also from the wiki:
Wolfe also discovered that the inhibition of the energy could possibly WEAKEN or kill Conduits, thought of using it against entity that Kessler warned his associates about. The Ray Field Inhibitor could remove the superhuman abilities of all Conduits, though it resulted in their deaths.[1]
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JohnApocalypse  +   934d ago
Didn't Cole and the asian bird start as human? Same thing might happen to the new guy
Nitrowolf2  +   934d ago
No they didn't, they both had the Conduit Gene, as did John White. In Infamous they explain that Lucy/John were chosen because of her Gene. Lucy just had her powers forced out.

The sphere didn't create the Conduits, only activated their powers. Alden Tate is an example of this, he has had his powers since he was a kid.

From what I understand the RFI was meant to kill all those with this gene. Either way, this is a game with a vastly large story, and like you said who's to say that this didn't activate some of them.
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DragonKnight  +   934d ago
*SPOILER* Kessler is Cole and in his timeline he developed his powers naturally over time. Kessler travelled back in time after The Beast destroyed everything to force Cole's powers out sooner than they naturally would have so that he'd be stronger than Kessler and better able to fight The Beast. The Ray Sphere absorbs the neurological energy of any life within its blast radius and transfers that energy to the Conduit, thereby activating their dormant Conduit gene and the powers associated with that gene. This explains why it did nothing to Zeke but made Cole the most powerful Conduit around.
JP1369  +   934d ago
Thanks for clearing that up. Even if the RFI did kill every conduit, there's still the chance that more can be born with the genes responsible. The dev team could easily explain it away as a genetic mutation without any kind of conflict arising between this new storyline and established canon.
infamousinfolite  +   934d ago
You know what we could say the some people who have the conduit gene were very strong in the fact that they became immune to the RFI's effects.
Blastoise  +   934d ago
...the heck is a retcon?
raytraceme  +   934d ago
google is your best friend here, sir.

http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Retroactive_ continuity
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Roccetarius  +   934d ago
Retconning is pretty much changing up what happened previously. It happens to a lot of franchises, and some are more extreme about it.
Baka-akaB  +   934d ago
retroactive continuity . A device mostly used in comics (or for games in stuff like Metal gear) when past event or history is altered to fit and accomodate newer events and sequels .

Seems hardly to be the case imo . We just used to have a choice in ending and the sequel obviously would pick one as canon .

As for the part that seem to not fit , why not just what for the game before deciding it doesnt ? Of course they werent going to tell everything in a magazine .

People act as if retconning is necessarily a bad thing in the first place . Without a retcon Stargte SF1 would never happens as the movie Stargate's story went full circle and only allowed pointless prequels .
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RioKing  +   934d ago
*rectum is sloppy
Donnieboi  +   934d ago
I can tell from your avatar that this is a topic that u hold close to your heart. Lol.
admiralvic  +   933d ago
Basically it's the concept that previously stated, shown or implied (rarely this last one) is altered in order to make something work. While most things plan with the future in mind, this is a very common occurrence in manga series and in some cases are pretty messy (see Hokuto no Ken 2 or Naruto).

With this being said, there is a lot of ways this can go, though I think undercutting the ending isn't the way to go. Not only is it bad story telling (since it diminishes Cole's sacrifice), there is a lot of other ways they could have taken it. I would have much rather seen an alternate version of Cole or a different time line where things played out differently, than simply finding out that not everyone died from the effect. Ideally it will get better as we learn more, but going off how the whole beast thing turned out, I don't have high hopes.
arabiensoldier  +   934d ago
The fact that the ending didn't state the end of all the conduits should be enough of an explanation.
Skips  +   934d ago


Don't get why this is such a big deal in the first place. lol

Obviously not EVERY SINGLE CONDUIT on the entire planet died. Some of them could've been inside a nuclear bunker for all we know.
#4.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
infamousinfolite  +   934d ago
True but how did every one know that a device was going to kill them and these people didn't even know they were conduits.
Man some of these assumptions got to make sense at least.
panbit86  +   934d ago
Also since when a story so FICTIONAL has in anyway problems of going wherever the hell it wants to?! There is a guy shooting electricity with his hands for crying out loud! If they want they can say "Well there was another scientist, who was also a conduit, and a time traveller and knew what was coming and built a shield and saved some conduits!!!" Come on! Just enjoy and support! Don't get caught up in the details!
Hydralysk  +   934d ago
Not to be passing judgement on a retcon before I've seen how it's handled, but that's a terrible reason to defend it. The fact that the game didn't explicitly state all conduits were killed doesn't mean it wasn't implied. The ending shows conduits all over the world keeling over from a weapon designed to kill all conduits, and while it doesn't explicitly say it killed ALL conduits it also gives no indication that any survived.

Let me use an example I just now made up.

1. "Mr Bad walked in, flanked by two guards with weapons. Upon seeing that I was unarmed, he proceeded to rant about his superiority. I then picked up the gun on the ground and shot him and his goons."

2. "Mr Bad walked in, flanked by two guards with weapons. I was unarmed but from the way he started his superiority rant it seemed he couldn't see the pistol lying on the ground behind me. I then picked up the gun on the ground and shot him and his goons"

In #1 I never specifically state that there are no weapons on the ground, only that the character is currently unarmed, but the way the story (I use that in the loosest terms possible) is told it feels like an ass pull when he picks up a weapon from the ground since it was at least implied there were no weapons available.

In #2 I let the audience know that there is a weapon there BEFORE I use it, so when my character picks up the gun the actions and outcomes are in line with what the audience knows about the situation.

If Infamous 2 had even a line at the end going "I sometimes wonder if the RFI didn't miss any conduits." They would've had something to base it off of, but they way they wrote it, simply saying "Yeah but some survived" after the fact implies this wasn't planned ahead of time.

None of this implies Infamous will be a bad game or have a bad story, but this definitely doesn't seem like a smooth transition into a new Infamous storyline.
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Redempteur  +   934d ago
There isn't even a need for complicated retcon.

Just say that the sphere was damaged ( it was in the game ) and zeke didn't repair it properly.
So that way some conduits would have survived.

Or just say that some conduits weren't affected permanently by the change ( like Cole and the lighting at the end of the good path )

There are numerous paths they could take to make second son cannon without changing anything in infamous 2 narrative.
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Y_5150  +   933d ago
The RFI was like Hand sanitizer. It only kills 99.99% of all conduits.
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ceballos77mx  +   934d ago
If you're a comic fan then you shouldn't be complaining, how many times countless heroes die and come back from the dead.
Root  +   934d ago
I really don't see why they just didn't have Delsin in another city when the events of inFAMOUS 2 are playing out.....they could keep on doing this for so many games and tell so many stories.

Then when they are ready make inFAMOUS 3 by going off one of the endings.

Least then they wouldn't be forced to choose either the good or bad ending.

Anyway Cole will's a Superhero thing
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HeavenlySnipes  +   934d ago
They said he's dead in that short video that they made on the production and idea behind making a new character.

After they said that 78% of people chose the good ending, they decided to stick with it, accept that Cole was dead and make a new character
Root  +   934d ago
Dosen't mean anything

I mean he's a iconic character to the inFAMOUS franchise they won't just let him go after two games. He'll be back

Look at Superheoros in comics...Jean for example from X-men, the amount of times she's died and then came back has been unreal yet we accept it.

If they really wanted to move on they would of called this inFAMOUS 3...but they havent. They are obviously still toying around with the idea of Coles return in the back of their minds.
admiralvic  +   933d ago
@ Root

The main difference is the way the medium is handled. When it comes to comics, it's not uncommon to see several different writers pick up the stories and various people going in different time lines / rewriting how events played out. Sure it isn't always idea, but it would get painfully boring if they had to constantly keep people alive (how many times can you let the villain get away / the villain fails to kill anyone of note) or if they constantly introduced new characters after a popular character died (like The Joker).

A lot of these problems don't happen for games, since you got more than enough time to figure out the story and certainly enough time to plan ahead. Like the difference between good writing and bad writing, is subtile touches. The good ending implies (heavily I might add) that all of the conduits died, so while they're not contradicting anything said, it's still sloppy writing. We will need to see how it actually plays out, but they could have done it better.
MrBeatdown  +   934d ago
Flu shots don't prevent every form of the flu, but bah gawd, if my ray field inhibitor thingy doesn't work exactly like that science guy said, heads will roll!
panbit86  +   934d ago
Breadcrab  +   934d ago
The difference being that the RFI is a made-up doohickey running on made-up blast shards with the power to do tremendous made-up things.

At that point, any comparisons to a realistic vaccine seem questionable in my eyes.
MrBeatdown  +   934d ago
My point is that it's stupid to complain that a whole bunch of make believe "science" doesn't produce some perfect result (as if it's guaranteed, just because it's fiction), and to call that "sloppy", when even in real life, things don't even work quite that perfectly.
Dante_007  +   934d ago
Spoiler Ahead
Yeah And Kessler is cole from the future and this was never really well explained but Infamous has always had parallel universes Or Maybe like i' remember The First Sons had been operated secretly inside Empire City for decades before the blast, but afterwards operated openly so maybe the first son's Has Something To Do with this Second Son
infamousinfolite  +   934d ago
That makes sense. Sucker Punch said this follows the good ending of Infamous 2 but that it was seven years after the fact. But they also said that Cole is still an enemy you mean people have that much hate for a guy that ***SPOILER ALERT***
sacrificed himself to get rid of the plague?!
Redempteur  +   933d ago
Aside from theNew marais guys that knew about it , it's not unimaginable that cole got another wave of haters spouting crap on him just like in the first game for no reason.

The beast did some big damages after all.
LordMe  +   934d ago
Okay, it is not retconed yet. It might be covered in the game, all we have is 10 magazine pages and a single teaser trailer, wait before we rampage.
dragonyght  +   934d ago
i second that you guys no vaccine or cure is 100% effective
isyourhouseonfire  +   934d ago
Infamous 1 and 2 were just comical climb-fests and repetitive gameplay. I really hope this newest reboot is worth our time.
Infamous2  +   934d ago
"I really hope this newest reboot is worth our time"

Speak for yourself buddy I really enjoyed both of the infamous games. Maybe you should play prototype that might be more your style, Infamous is too good of a game for you to play in my opinion.
#11.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   934d ago
I did a lot of climbing in IF 1 & 2.

The games are also based on a comic/superhero idea, and there's a lot of running/shooting things so maybe that's where you're coming from. But I really enjoyed both games and although there were some parts that I didn't enjoy as much as others, I wouldn't say any of the games weren't worth my time and attention.

Second Son is a fresh beginning, if that's what you're hoping for. I'm just hoping for another great Sucker Punch superhero game.
#11.2 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ZeroChaos  +   934d ago
Well this is just a thought, but a pulse will eventually dissipate after a certain distance from its point of origin. So for instance if someone used the device from the North Pole, people would be affected on the South Pole but not greatly. It would all depend on how much energy was originally input into the device. So it could work. People on the other end as mentioned above would have been put into a coma or knocked out due to the blast and their power would remain.
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arbitor365  +   934d ago
here is my problem though. arent conduits what started the plague? which is why they all had to be killed off for the rest of humanity to survive. so if conduits survived, we just have the same problem all over again.

oh well. im more concerned about the gameplay than the story, anyway.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   934d ago
I agree with this article, they should have went with the evil ending and took off from there. I don't think I can take this story seriously anymore. Hopefully the game play will make up for it.
#14 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
infamousinfolite  +   934d ago
This is how I think the story will go:

Again... (((***SPOILERS AHEAD***)))
The RFI's main goal was to destroy the plague it's secondary function was to kill ALL humans with the Conduit gene but there were some humans with this gene that were stronger than most so they somehow became immune to the RFI's effect.

The only reason why I say Cole won't come back because he kinda died twice. Once from the RFI's effect of killing humans with the Conduit gene, including Cole, and Second the fact the RFI probably took all of Cole's power to use it making him very weak probably killing him.
Redempteur  +   933d ago
The lightning at the end of the good ending could be just Cole finally recovering from the RFI after effects.
Maybe he wasn't dead just like zeke thought and was just waiting for a high source of lightning to recover.

A perfectly acceptable scenario.
smashcrashbash  +   934d ago
Okay from the top.(Spoilers for anyone who didn't finish the game by now). First of all NO ONE said that all Conduits would die when the RFI went off. At no point did anyone say that or indicate that. Zeke simply said he hear stories of people dying overseas. No one at any point said every Conduit died. Okay now that is out of the way secondly it is impossible to stand in a single place and expect the RFI wave to reach everyone on earth.That is impossible. Not even when the Ray Sphere went off it reached everyone on the planet and since the RFI was based on the same principal it is unlikely it could reach every Conduit either.Thirdly Cole was at the center of the blast so it is unlikely he could survive unlike the people the blast couldn't reach.

Forth the RFI's main function was NOT to kill Conduits that was an unfortunate side effect to curing the plague so I don't see what is so hard about believing some survived seeing that is not what it was for in the first place.And finally the scientist never gave them any indication of the percentage of people the RFI would effect or the radius the blast would cover so I am not sure what makes people so certain it would be enough to cover the whole earth.So I can only assume that instead of actually trying to understand the story properly many people just made assumptions and ran with them
#16 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
jakmckratos  +   934d ago
I was prepared to post a hateful message with intent toward the author but he brings up a good point...the ending showed conduits in India dying off so how the hell would one IN the USA even survive. Perhaps they shoulda set the story in the future by 20 years and have it be that Delsin wasn't even born when Cole sacrificed himself or have the game be set in a completely different section of the world. I think we're all dying to see a superhero game in the Savannah..killing lions and whatnot
smashcrashbash  +   934d ago
Who says the Deslin lived in the USA or wasn't somewhere else when the RFI went off? Just because he is here now doesn't mean he was there when the blast went off.SP specifically stated that the RFI didn't reach every part of the world. Deslin is simply one of those people that survived.What is so hard to believe?

@ KillrateOmega. I know.That is what I keep saying but everyone just keeps saying it over and over again.To add to it I went back to the game and I realized no one said it would kill every Conduit on the planet.That is just something everyone assumed.When a global plague strikes it is calculated that at least a percentage of the population must survive. This is no different.
#17.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jakmckratos  +   933d ago
It's hard to believe that people died in Africa and someone from North America didn't get it. I just truly hope they mention in the story that he was overseas in Russia or something and not just let it be complete random how he survived.
KillrateOmega  +   934d ago
It's simple. The RFI didn't kill off every conduit in the world.

They can say that it was supposed to, but think about. Can you really believe that it managed to kill off EVERY SINGLE CONDUIT ON THE PLANET? Is it not possible that some may have resisted the RFI's effects or the pulse simply dissipated as it traveled to appoint where it was no longer strong enough to kill every conduits?

Some survived. They bred. The gene spread. And now we have Second Son.
MikeyDucati1  +   934d ago
Without your expertise on the RFI, we all would have been lost.
KillrateOmega  +   934d ago
It's only logical. The idea that the RFI would kill off every conduit on the planet was merely estimation.

It's not like Wolfe ever had a chance to apply it on that kind of scale...
MikeyDucati1  +   934d ago
It's a backtrack to make another inFamous game. I would have preferred them saying this was a parallel universe. That would have been cooler and (to me) showed some honor and respect to the original story. It's like George Lucas going back and putting Hayden in the final scene where Luke sees his father, Obi and Yoda watching in spirit. Everything is all good until I see that moment and I cringe. They could have kept it the way it was and it would not have had an effect on a movie that I have loved for years.

So yea, thanks for putting the hollywood/michael bay touch to it. But honestly I look forward to seeing what they do with this game and see where it goes. Will it be another trilogy? Will Cole/Kessler play a part? We shall see...
smashcrashbash  +   934d ago
Oh yeah I am sure no one would have anything bad to say about that.No way they would have called them milkers or cop outs or anything if they said 'It's a parallel universe'.Yeah I am sure the whiners with have nothing to say about that.Any decision to move the Infamous series past Cole would have met with protest from people.They would rather cling to a character or a story rather then let it go and just move on. No one would ever be satisfied no matter what they decided or what they did. In fact if they brought Cole back to life that would be another long and tiresome b***h fest.People accept every plot hole or inconstancy in other games and play them just fine. PlayStation fans have to pick everything apart and make a federal case about EVERYTHING.
MikeyDucati1  +   934d ago
Ok. I don't care about all of that though. I'm speaking from my perspective. I enjoyed the story and in my experience, Cole died honorably and human beings had a second chance. Am I losing sleep over the change? No. Well it stop me from playing? No. I'm merely voicing my opinion because, my god, I'm a grown man and if I don't like something, I don't like something.

So breathe. Relax. And realize not everybody is going to have your same opinion. I'm pretty sure if they did, you would make a federal case about it.
#19.1.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
Psychonaut  +   934d ago
So SONY/Sucker Punch gave a big middle inger to Cole.
RELIGHT  +   934d ago
supremacy  +   933d ago
maybe sp is lying about cole, maybe cole is still alive and is a secret they are trying to hold onto.

what i do expect however is for the references of infamous 2 to appear i this game in some form.

heck i miss cole already :/
Inception  +   933d ago
Slow news day huh? Complaining about game that not even release and the developer only gave a bit prelude about the story. Huh, video game journalist this day are a joke!
HurstDarkStar  +   933d ago
since when did any virus in the history of mankind ever been able to completely wipe out the human race? Why would the RFI be any different? I mean the strong survive by luck and the weak die.
#24 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Jigga69  +   933d ago
Answer by Sucker Punch
"Cole activated the RFI device which killed countless conduits around the world. The few who somehow survived are now demonized by the news media and average citizens live in fear of them. Conduits are now commonly known as bioterrorists. To most of the world Cole was "The Demon of Empire City" and is held up as a villain despite his heroic deeds and ultimate sacrifice."

Some of you already said it : "nobody said that EVERY conduits died in inFamous 2, and no cure or vaccine is effective at 100%".
linkenski  +   933d ago
Infamous 2's story was lackluster anyway, or so i thought.
SpinalRemains  +   933d ago
Is not the inFamous world fantasy? A world with superheroes and powers? A world with absurdities and loads of fun stuff?
---We can use our imagination---

Everything is fine here.
sypher  +   933d ago
Scroll down to author and notices a picture of a 10 year old looking kid.

Never mind.
Breadcrab  +   933d ago
Strange, you didn't seem to have any problem with those 10 year old girls last night.

Anyway, if at one point you happen to have any actual feedback, regarding what I wrote rather than what arbitrary physical appearance I should have, I'm all ears.

Also, you were 9 years off, but good try.
sypher  +   933d ago
Because your age indicates to me that the arbitrary opinion points you bring up as fact in the piece for link bait, has no belonging anywhere near the front page of n4g.

But instead of 'biting' like those above thinking it is wrote by a veteran games journalist who is stupid. No, I knew better. I simply looked at the author first and gave you the benefit of the doubt because you are young and don't know any better yet.

Hence the, never mind.
extermin8or  +   933d ago
Sooo lets just say Cole isn't dead- as far as we know he's the only person to ever have electric powers- this new characters power is to get some of other peoples powers- so you start with smoke- if cole isn't dead that'd be a great way to bring electricity back into it :p
taijutsu363  +   933d ago
Isnt it obvious? They are going with the bad ending where Cole has the Beasts' power! And then him and Kuo did it and they had a son! Boom! Theres your explanation!

*Sidenote* Cole in good ending did anyone notice that lightning bolt strike down on his raft?
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