Do we really need better graphics?

OXM - This topic is all about hotness, actually - the visual kind. As a new generation of console technology looms, Aoife WIlson and Dan Griliopoulos ask the obvious question: do great games really need the utmost in graphical horsepower to succeed? Are superior graphics indistinguishable from a superior work of art?

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imXify1714d ago

The simple answer is: Art is subjective.

Axonometri1714d ago

...and I likes my Art with better graphics! I also like my games with unbroken gameplay.

Donnieboi1714d ago

We sure as hell needed more RAM, that's for sure. So, bring on next-gen, if not for the better graphics (which I want too), then at least for the RAM.

SpideySpeakz1714d ago

I still play that 8-bit Pokemon Red. So hope, not in my opinion. However, realistic graphics is a PLUS, but not a requirement.

majiebeast1714d ago

More power isnt just for Graphics. Physics influence game design so does better AI.

Ultraplayerxp1714d ago

Do I really need to choose?

SnakeCQC1714d ago

whats with all these anti next gen adverts? if you dont want to upgrade then keep your old hardware simple

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The story is too old to be commented.