10 Ways Sony Can Save PS Vita (Without Dropping The Price)

WC - Wanna see some staggering numbers? Over 30 million = the number of Nintendo 3DS handhelds sold worldwide. Around 4.5 million = the number of PS Vita systems sold worldwide. It’s obvious that the 3DS and Vita cater to different markets, but the Vita is not even on pace with the cycle of the PSP.

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sherimae24131840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

let me see....

i think no.8 is already what sony is doing right now... "making the vita as the destination for indie developers"

and no.7 is also what sony is planning... "comparing ps4/vita combo to wii u"

and no.6 to me is already what sony is doing... "pushing more bundles"
but i think more variety in bundles, the better

and also no.5.... "a great fps for the vita" and i hope killzone mercenary is that one ^_^

and i know that no.1 will happen "have a fantastic E3 2013"

nice article btw ^_^

miyamoto1839d ago

Portable gaming is defined by nintendo as gaming for kids for many years.

Sony tried to break successfully that with PSP by introducing teen to adult games on handheld.

Vita needs to continue that momentum with games that are already geared towards teens and adults,

Why not make PSV a balanced platform like PS1 and PS2 with games geared towards kids and go after the Nintendo market like Nintendo went after the PSP market by securing exclusivity deals with Capcom to get Monster Hunter(a huge PSP mega hit)

You will notice kiddie games sell well on Nintendo handhelds.

Make PSV a haven for both teen to mature games and casual and kiddie games to make it a well rounded platform for gamers.

sherimae24131839d ago

yeah, your right...
the problem with adult gamers... are they have too much high expectations from games like the ones on the vita

do they really expect that the 1st uncharted for vita would run and look like uncharted 3, thats pretty absurd to me, the vita is still a handheld and has its limitations....

remanutd551840d ago

I agree with number 1 and 4. Psvita needs to have a very, i mean very good E3 2013 and sony needs to relaunch the system this fall.

WheatBread1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

11. Give it a better web browser with flash
12. Release a slim version with a microsd card slot
13. Say this out loud really fast, purple piglet's psp powered penis pulverized pussyhole properly

joeorc1839d ago

"Give it a better web browser with flash "

that would be Ok, but you have to remember this part:

Adobe Flash Player on mobile

Adobe will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations (chipset, browser, OS version, etc.) following the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. We will continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations.

The PSVita's Web browser is HTML5 BASED ANYWAY!


since its up to Adobe, and they themselves are not even doing this for Android, or iOS. Its really Moot asking for something Adobe has no real interest in doing, Sony could not force or pay Adobe to do it when Adobe does not in fact invest into flash for mobile any more anyway.

as for your 2nd one:

THE Slim version is not a priority right now since it would in effect cost more for the consumer right now, they have to give it time for component prices to drop. the PSVita is not in the same boat as the 3DS in component cost's because the 3DS is using ARM 11 chips which are much cheaper, and older technology and up to day and Date Quad Core Arm Cortex A9 chips which aside from the A15's are one the most expensive chip's to make that Arm designs for its licence chip's.

Using a Standard MicroSD TFcard WOULD BE IN ALL LIKELY HOOD OUT OF THE QUESTION, Not that Sony could not employ such
card's, they already do in the xperia smartphone's, its that A: TF cards would make piracy exploits much more easy to perform to get past the PSVita's security due to the offset of easy to aquire card reader's for PC's notice there is none for the PSVita!, they have to yet again work around this fact just to read data from that card Sony did this because of what happened to the PSP and look at the software drought that happened there in the western part of this market.

as for your last one..lmao funny, but umm no.

BuffMordecai1839d ago

The price needs to be dropped for it to pick up steam. Its completely worth $250 but hardly anyone is buying, so measures need to be taken.

dorron1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

1.- Drop the price. We're in a worldwide economical crisis, for god's sake!!! 150€ with a game and a 8gb memory card would be a great price.

2.- Bring AAA EXCLUSIVE titles to the vita that cannot be played even in PS3. Uncharted Golden Abyss was a nice beginning. Gran Turismo, God Of War, GTA, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter, etc. And for those which are playable in PS3, make them cross-buy!!!

3.- Drop the price of the memory cards!!!

And one more that would be welcome by every owner: get rid off the CMA crap and make it free to transfer content to our Vitas.

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