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Submitted by Toadsanime 933d ago | review

A Look Back At: Quantic Dreams’ Fahrenheit

Looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls and enjoyed Heavy Rain? Chances are you missed out on this game that more-or-less sparked the genre — Quantic Dreams’ 2005 title Fahrenheit. (Culture, Fahrenheit, PS2, Quantic Dream, Xbox) -

ltachiUchiha  +   933d ago
Awesome game. Its the reason i knew id love heavy rain & now I cant wait to play beyond two souls.
bumnut  +   933d ago
Agreed, Amazing game. I can't believe how much I panicked trying to get rid of the blood stained clothes when the cops knock on the your door!
ltachiUchiha  +   933d ago
Yup I know what u mean. I cant believe ppl would call these games nothing more then movies lol. Maybe its just me but I love this genre of gaming and hope more devs can create these type of games.
jc48573  +   933d ago
there's definitely a market for this kind of games. I mean, Heavy Rain sold pretty well.
DigitalRaptor  +   933d ago
I loved the vibe of this game, the music, the gameplay, the story, the choices, the multiple character arcs. It was great. The fact that Quantic Dream chose Sony platforms for their next projects was a mere coincidence in my eyes, probably not in theirs.

Many of the people that hate on Heavy Rain and Beyond and call them movies, are probably also the ones that played Fahrenheit on Xbox, PC or PS2 and liked it. It's bitter irony at its best.
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mike32UK  +   933d ago
Amazing game, absolutely love it. I was only around 13 when it came out in 2005 but it was one of my favourite games of last gen! I really wish Quantic would release this as a classic on PSN because I have a slim ps3 so no BC means i can't play it again!

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