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Why ‘Greatness Awaits’ Would Actually be a Really Terrible Slogan

GenGAME writes: "I don’t know if that rumored “Greatness Awaits” slogan is real, or if it’s really for PS4 or actually for Destiny. I do know, however, that it rubs me the wrong way.

"I can actually understand the appeal: latch on to the term “greatness,” which seems to now be a synonym for “awesome” in the colloquial sense rather in the “fear of God” sense, and tie it forever to the PlayStation brand. I get it. It’s a cool campaign.

"But the more I think about it, the more I think about where PS4 is headed and about past PlayStation launches and some of the blunders they’ve faced, the more I worry that it’s the wrong message." (Destiny, Final Fantasy XV, Playstation Cloud, PS4)

ltachiUchiha  +   722d ago
I disagree, I think its really catchy & fits sony well. Just my opinion but they earned it.


I just think its clear that sony is obviously all for gamers first & other things after & they are only keeping their fanbase amped for whats to come and that is, "GREATNESS" which to me means amazing games and they are proving that even in the last few years of the ps3's life span. Thats how I look at it.
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legendoflex  +   722d ago
It's satire, in case you couldn't tell!
JoGam  +   722d ago
The Slogan can changed at anytime. Greatness Awaits doesn't have to be the slogan for the years. It can just be enough of a slogan for Sony to launch a system and to get the ball rolling into the next generation of gaming. Greatness Awaits can just be a Slogan for a marketing campaign. Once its over the Slogan will change.
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shoddy  +   722d ago
How could greatness be terrible?
LAWSON72  +   722d ago
As great as sony is they have not earned the title. What have they done this gen that is so great? I have a ps3, 360, and pc, and the only thing the ps3 has is exclusives which most are far from great (a few great exclusives are mgs4, valkyria chronicles, and littlebigplanet). Its online is improving and has great deals (only if you pay $50) but xbox live and steam have quicker load times for example comparing trophies/achievements. They have much more features that for some improve the platform like party chat.

The only thing that playstation has ever done that is great is actually trying to cater to core gamers (which is probably only because they can use it as an edge over nintendo and ms), and of course the ps1 and 2 are trully amazing. I guess bluray was a good move and gave them an advantage over the xbox. It is a disappointment and far from being great like their past consoles. They have lost their title of being great, but maybe greatness will await because i have not seen it since the ps2.
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GalacticEmpire  +   722d ago
This might have been funny if something 'awaiting' didn't mean something waiting for you and not you waiting for something. OK, I'm not sure I worded this comment too well but you know what I mean right?
legendoflex  +   722d ago
"Await" can mean "to be in store."

The thing about "Greatness Awaits" is that it always implies greatness is in the future.
GalacticEmpire  +   722d ago
Maybe but in the context of 'Greatness Awaits' it suggest that greatness is waiting for you and not the other way around.

I think if it said 'waiting for greatness' this article would make more sense.
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Irishguy95  +   722d ago
That is the point...It is waiting for you..to come and buy it...
GalacticEmpire  +   722d ago
It won't have to wait long.
Max-Zorin  +   722d ago
Next gen greatness awaits. And at at the same time, chaos from the fanboys on all sides awaits.
Game0N  +   722d ago
wow it never ceases to amaze me. these talent-less journalists latch on to just about anything to spread bad press about it. On a rumored slogan? Are you kidding me? Is is that slow of a news week? smh
Fergusonxplainsall  +   722d ago
Even if the slogan was " i love lamp" , i would still buy the PS4.

The rumored slogan makes the "wait" even harder to bare..:D
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Ron_Danger  +   722d ago
I'm getting dizzy from all the spin articles coming out the past few weeks about all the new consoles. Give it a rest "journalists."
MasterCornholio  +   722d ago
They should change it too

"Ownage awaits"
jukins  +   722d ago
"greatness awaits" sounds like a pre launch hype slogan, which in that case, seems to fit perfectly as long as sony comes through on a majority of their promises at launch. Thats the one thing thats worrying me about the ps4. Like the previous playstation launches sony promised the world and usually delivered nothing close. Not knocking them because alot of companies do this but this time im gonna be a little more cautious and realistic in my expectations with the ps4
legendoflex  +   722d ago
That's just it: most of the really awesome promises, outside of the Share button, don't seem to be coming anytime close to launch.
Tundra  +   722d ago
The author is reading too much into it.

It's a simple slogan that advertises the product. It's not that serious.
Arai  +   722d ago
More like the author failed at making a point, from what I read at least.

Commercials usually triggers the creativity of one's mind and the slogan does that well IMO.

Greatness Awaits = PS4 is greatness and awaiting you
Greatness Awaits = great joy and entertainment lies ahead
The list can go on, it is what you make of it or want to make of it.

Which is why if they use it, it could be very effective.
Belking  +   722d ago
Lets be real here. Sony has never had good advertising and there slogan could be better.
Arai  +   722d ago
Perhaps it's you that needs to be real?

There were some oddballs at the beginning of the PS3 (crying baby and the lot).
At the same time there are more memorable (depending when you were born) ads since the original PS era....list too long have a look on YouTube.
DigitalRaptor  +   722d ago
If Sony never had good advertising what were the good moments from this article?


The 'Double Life' ad is the best a gaming company has offered, ever. It's what all ads should aspire to be. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

The rest of their ads are pretty lame, besides the quirky & awesome Kevin Butler. Let's be real here. If Microsoft had a KB in their midst, you'd be all over that.
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Harpers_Ferry  +   722d ago
Whether or not the author has a valid point with this article is basically rendered pointless by the fact that he is clearly trying to start a shitty internet meme here. If the intent of your article is to bring a legitimate issue into question, it is best not to start by soaking it in juvenile internet humor and applying a thick coast of bias.

Unless of course this article was written for purely comedic purposes, which would honestly be a little sad.
Urusernamesucks  +   722d ago
Its lame and generic.
YodaCracker  +   722d ago
I certainly agree it's a generic slogan. Especially compared to some of their great slogans from the past like "Live in your world, play in ours" or even "It only does everything". "Greatness Awaits" seems so forgettable in comparison.
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SpinalRemains  +   722d ago
You can scrutinize the slogan.
I'll play the games.
R_aVe_N  +   722d ago
"Grasping at Straws" clearly comes to mind... People will b!tch at just about anything these days. Do people really not have anything to do they have to complain about a slogan?
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DigitalRaptor  +   722d ago
You don't really know until you put it into context.

A great print or video ad can make the worst slogan appear great if it appears with the appropriate visual messages.
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   722d ago
The slogan is not that bad and I think they will just use it early just to launch the PS4 then they will use a new one. just like the PSone launch days, they used "U R not Ready" and changed it to "Live in your world, play in ours"
edonus  +   722d ago
Its a terrible slogan.

Its a game console.... you are going to be sitting there twittling your thumbs on a gamepad sitting in front of your TV. How much greatness is that?

Its not like its about to make you a millionaire or restore your family name in high society.

That slogan is definitely design to appeal to the gaming elitist that think the games they play are the only games people should play or and the only games worth playing.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   721d ago
A man thinks you should have another hobby if that's all you feel when playing games. A man thinks the greatness refers to the stuff your character that you're controlling will accomplish and the amazing experiences you'll have in those worlds. Gaming is about escaping to a world where you can do things you or sometimes anyone could ever do.
Belking  +   721d ago

"If Microsoft had a KB in their midst, you'd be all over that."

Nope. I didn't think the kevin B. ads were all that great. if you come away from an ad talking more about the person and not the advertised product then the ad didn't do it's job. KB didn't help sony sell any more ps3 than they were already selling. if he had then he wouldn't of never been let go.

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