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New Watch Dogs open world gameplay, played on PC with specs resembling the PS4.

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JoGam1838d ago

Watch Dogs will be an amazing game and I think it can sell well. I'm getting it on PS4.

Shadonic1838d ago

I'm most likely going to get it for PS4 as well and then buy a 720 later on depending on how the next Halo turns out and what they brig to the table. Ill save more money buying a PS4 first anyway because of the free internet.

Mustang300C20121838d ago

People are saying this is PC spec or PS4 and I think this is more 360/PS3 because this footage compared to the original demo looks dull. I don't think this is PC or PS4 footage.

thechosenone1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

It's the quality of the source and also the added compression from youtube.

not the full 5min gameplay but the quality is much better in this one.

*checking the actual page you'll see that it's not USoft official channel so that means they download the vid from another YT account and then reuploaded it which makes it even worse looking.

Mustang300C20121837d ago

I know and understand the difference with original source and even videos from the Sony conference and to youtube and other compressed videos still showed what you were seeing. This footage looks more like it was the 360/PS3 version. The original video is what I am really commenting on since this isn't the first time we saw this footage like the article implies. This footage doesn't look as good as the first official play video we saw that show day and night gameplay. It doesn't look bad by any means it just looks different.

lyvon1838d ago

This is most certainly NOT new

isarai1837d ago

Why does everyone call a Dev kit a "PC with specs resembling so and so platform"

Mustang300C20121837d ago

The same reason why we see the "top 5 will blah blah blah hurt/help blah blah blah system that has already won even though it hasn't been released. To grab attention basically.

Pandamobile1837d ago

Because that's how Ubisoft described it at after demoing it.