Gears of War: Judgment Getting Free Map, But Does it Really Matter?

"Will any free DLC at all truly help the Gears of War franchise at this point. What made the Gears of War franchise such a success in the past was the fact that it was unique from all other shooters. They gave the game a creative alien to battle known as the Locust which..."

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ltachiUchiha1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Dont care what anyone says. If u get free dlc on any platform, thats always a good thing.


You have a good point but if the dlc is great value then its a good thing but if its dlc that doesnt do anything for the game itself then it being free isnt even worth mentioning.

Irishguy951805d ago

Exactly, they can complain about Gears, but please don't bring free Dlc into it. If there are fans playing Gears Judge, i'm sure they'll appreciate a new map for nothing.

ThaScott1804d ago

It's only free because the game launched initially with only four multiplayer maps and no horde mode.

lategamer1804d ago

The game launched with 8 maps.

TheGrimBunny1805d ago

But does it even matter if it does not do the game itself any justice? (at least to fans of the franchise)

coolbeans1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

The problem is the pointlessness of demanding free DLC to do the game justice. Whether you're disappointed with the game or not, there's no reason to also drag in how irrelevant this free extra is in your eyes.

There's little difference between this example and one giving a bunch of diatribes against his/her favorite restaurant's poor cooking of the night after seeing prompt service from the valet.

GameReviewGuy1805d ago

I never really touched the multiplayer because it seemed pretty repetitive... run to weapon... get it and dominate or dont and get destroyed and repeat. Horde mode was fun though.

jeffgoldwin1805d ago

You pretty much summed up every single multiplayer game. I guess you must hate playing online altogether.

TheGrimBunny1805d ago

It's funny because that is how the 2nd and 3rd game were usually played however the 1st game not as much. I loved taking out the entire opposing team after all my team mates died... plus there was the infamous Raven Down which people played in Ranked like crazy just to make it shotguns only and no power weapons.

Jek_Porkins1805d ago

Free content is always welcomed, the game tried to split the versus multiplayer with the Overrun multiplayer and it hurt more than helped. They should have launched with less Overrun maps to be honest.

The maps they are releasing are pretty well designed though, I'm enjoying them, and this is the second free map we've gotten, so I don't have a reason to complain, free is free!

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