Pach-Attack- Next Xbox: Revealed a Little Late?

GT:Michael Pachter addresses pressing Xbox questions before the big reveal

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GraveLord1806d ago

Next Xbox playing catch-up to the PS4.

SynGamer1806d ago

Considering we know next-to-nothing about the NextBox, it's hard to really say anything at this point. Rumors state it's 6 months behind but rumors also state it had a major exclusive. Either of those rumors could make or break the new system...but we simply don't know right now.

I personally do not see Microsoft letting the NextBox slip to 2014. As far as Sony, they NEED to release BEFORE Microsoft does, that I'm sure of.

strickers1806d ago

Why do Sony NEED to release BEFORE MS? Did you not look at the maths on this Gen
Ps3 was 12/16 months later and now has sales parity. That means it sold faster despite being very late and very expensive .
Launching at the same time gives PS advantage here .

MikeMyers1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

They don't need to release the PS4 before the Xbox. They would like to come out at the same time or earlier, sure. The PS3 actually sold at a faster rate than the Xbox 360 so I'm not sure why they need to come out earlier.

Whenever they do release these systems expect some people to prefer the PS4 no matter what Microsoft shows. That's just how these forums operate unfortunately. Of course there is reason to be less optimistic about the new Xbox but I guarantee you no matter what they show on the 21st you will get familiar members who will be negative about it.

What N4G should do is have a rating beside each members name. With it there should be a number attached to how many negative and positive comments that user has said towards each system and each company for all to see. Then there would be no reason to dig up anyone's post history to see how biased they are. It would provide much better insight to the next Xbox being revealed and the response. If someone never says anything good about Microsoft and the Xbox 360 and the next Xbox has a great show on the 21st and they say something negative people will have a much clearer picture of who they are and what objective they bring to these forums. Same with those who can never hold Microsoft accountable and always put a positive spin on things. Then they have a terrible unveiling and they still do damage control.

I'd just like to see people be more accountable here and the moderators to just get rid of those who serve no purpose other than to disrupt the communities. I'd like to see the immaturity that stems from the console wars gone but if anything it looks like things will heat up instead. Those that hit and run with the disagrees are likely the very same people I'm referring to.

SynGamer1806d ago

I say Sony needs to release before MS because of those exact details you mention above. The PS3 sold faster than the 360 even though it released a year later. Wouldn't the advantage grow even more if Sony released BEFORE MS this time?

The difference for this new generation is we have waited, as gamers, longer between generations than previously seen. Gamers are excited and waiting for the new consoles. I mean, heck, Sony didn't even reveal what the PS4 looked like in February and look at the hype it has maintained.

Releasing second/after MS may not spell doom for Sony, but releasing BEFORE MS can't hurt...

TooTall191806d ago

Next Xbox getting full attention from the previous two Pach-Attacks.

HmongAmerican1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

He just like MS more and he always get excited on everything MS related.

Hueynewton20121804d ago

LOL look up gametrailers, viacom and Microsoft. that will answer all of your questions as to why Pachter talks the way he does.

GalacticEmpire1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

What matters more is the release date, if it's pushied into 2014 as some rumors suggest then THAT would be a problem, maybe. Although PS4 has enjoyed a lot of unchallenged hype since the reveal in Feb.

SynGamer1806d ago

I have to agree that Sony and the PS4 have received A LOT of hype and most of his has been unchallenged. As May quickly becomes June, Microsoft will reveal the NextBox and we'll have a much clearer picture of what is to come back E3.

Jek_Porkins1806d ago

I doubt they'd be showing the next Xbox before E3 is that were the case. No way does it get delayed into 2014, they want the holiday pie and even if it's not going to be available worldwide or in the millions, they will launch in North America this year.

Rumors were trying to suggest a lot of negative things when it comes to the next Xbox, but I highly doubt every single first party studio Microsoft has is running six months behind, just not going to happen.

I'd also point out that Microsoft and those negative rumors were dominating the front pages when it really should have been the PS4 dominating the front pages, all the negative rumors just means that many more people are going to tune in and see what Microsoft has to say, show and offer.

GalacticEmpire1806d ago

"those negative rumors were dominating the front pages when it really should have been the PS4 dominating the front pages"

Yeah people do love a good fail more than positive stuff, although PS4 still had a good presence despite that.

Look, I know you REALLY don't want to see a delay, nobody does, but that doesn't meant it's impossible. Things can go wrong with the complex matter of console development, in hardware as well as software. We can't really make a guess at the probability of something like a delay happening but to completely deny that it's possible is folly.

QuantumWake1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

It's only "a little late" because Sony announced the PS4 first. Had MS revealed they were going to show off their console in May a lot earlier, people would be more calm about it.

But since everyone was so hyped after the PS4 announcement (me included) everyone was like, "OMG WHERE IS MS? THEY HAVE TO SHOW OFF NOW OR THEY'RE DOOMED!"

GT671806d ago

hold off it'll come soon.

hazardman1806d ago

Your right in some ways. But MS was the first to say the were going to reveal something when they put he countdown clock up to E3 and that was weeks before the PS4 reveal. The PS4 being revealed earlier than expected probably made MS reveal earlier than they wanted but hey, it is what it is!!! And I truly hope next box doesn't come out next yr. Or whatever if that's the case it gives me more time to save up. So I would get PS4 this yr. and XboxNext next yr.

Max-Zorin1806d ago

Next gen systems: Will be great

Their fanboys: Will continue look like The Purge

TemplarDante1806d ago

Eurogamer has a nice article on the Nextbox GPU, they even refer to it as the Xbox Durango GPU. Mid range HD7790. £116.

Heres a link to the little beast review on Eurogamer. gitalfoundry-radeon-hd-7790-rev iew

hazardman1806d ago

The link doesn't work, but in your opinion is the GPU any good? I don't know much about PC tech, thanks!

nikoado1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

The link works; just remove the spaces in the words digital and review. N4G doesn't take too kindly to people posting links so he added some spaces.

Looks like an interesting read so far, thanks TemplarDante.

TemplarDante1806d ago

Sorry about the spaces, guys.
Just google Eurogamers website, Hazardman if theres still a problem.

The PS4 uses a 7970M GPU. It is a 1.82TFlop GPU.

The XBOX 3 GPU is a 7790 GPU, it is a 1.2TFlog GPU.
So the PS4 GPU is far more powerful but
1)At launch, it wont show, games may look similar.
2)Both are tweaked and in a closed system, it would be great.

The PS4 GPU is about 10Times more powerful than the PS3s.

The XBOX Infinity GPU is about 8 times more powerful than the 360s.


Xbox Infinity

At the end of the day, even though the Xbox3 gpu will be weaker, it will still be great in a closed system in a console.
I have a HD6770 on my pc, its a great GPU, I run Planetside 2 at near max settings and it looks gorgeous.

There are similarites between the 5770
And I can assure you, next gen, we're all in for a treat.
PS4 and Xbox Infinity gamers alike.

TheSauce1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )


There is also the rumor of the hybrid cpu. That would definitely bring the next xbox's performance up.

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